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  1. Sadukar09

    Direct Entry Officer (DEO) questions [Merged]

    No prior service into a rare trade, with significant civilian background. I figured there's a PLAR too. Administratively I guess that's how it works. His offer letter stated "b. will be enrolled at the rank of Lieutenant." Still odd to allow people to wear their rank before them at least...
  2. Sadukar09

    Direct Entry Officer (DEO) questions [Merged]

    It sounds like CFRC is giving out ranks higher than OCdt at enrollment now. A friend of mine was commissioned immediately as a DEO Lt, and was authorized to wear Lt rank at CFLRS during BMOQ.
  3. Sadukar09

    What's the Dumbest Thing You've SEEN Today?

    http://www.pressfortruth.ca/top-stories/massive-joint-military-training-excercise-niagara-region-ontario/ ::)
  4. Sadukar09

    My thoughts on EX Stalwart Guardian 2014

    I can only really speak for this point. In one of our attacks, the Armoured Recce told us they were in a different pos altogether. They were also wearing tilly caps and chilling on top of their G-Wagons. We were specifically told to watch for tillies, and shoot those on sight during attacks.
  5. Sadukar09

    SAR does us proud, again

    Shows exactly how well trained our SAR guys are!
  6. Sadukar09

    What's the Dumbest Thing You've SEEN Today?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f23CPcTdY2M Idiot cameraman.
  7. Sadukar09

    Fresh water under the Oceans

    Interesting. However, wouldn't be better economically if we invested in more efficient sea water de-salinization? After all, why search for the small pocket of fresh water, when the ocean covers the Earth?
  8. Sadukar09

    The need for tactical highly visible rank (From:Re-Royalization)

    Well, everyone in my unit just got issued high visibility name tags. They seem nicer than the subdued one.
  9. Sadukar09

    Alleged Institutional Racism/solutions in CAF (merged)

    After all, we all believe in a little something in a cold, water filled trench.
  10. Sadukar09

    What's the dumbest thing you heard said today?

    Using Bing video to watch a Youtube video. :'(
  11. Sadukar09

    The brown Temperate Combat Boot (AKA: Mk IV Cbt Boot) - No longer CADPAT

    Imagine what we can do with $200 allowance per year on boots.
  12. Sadukar09

    Frag vest/weighted vest training

    Your unit's RQ may have flak jackets on hand, or you can try clothing stores. Apparently some clothing stores is more likely to issue you some kit, others not so much.
  13. Sadukar09

    Wrist Watch Recommendations - Merged Thread

    http://cadencewatch.com/?utm_source=Bargains+and+deals&utm_campaign=58356fddf9-cohort_5_2_1_sweepstakes6_19_2013&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f8b7961563-58356fddf9-408689337&mc_cid=58356fddf9&mc_eid=588d97ec12 Cadence has some pretty decent watches. Some coupon codes if you want them...
  14. Sadukar09

    Walts, posers & wannabes (merged)

    Strangely Range Control didn't turn up their storm generators the whole weekend.
  15. Sadukar09

    The brown Temperate Combat Boot (AKA: Mk IV Cbt Boot) - No longer CADPAT

    You're still better off than some of the guys on my DP1 course. They only had steel toed boots...
  16. Sadukar09

    Question on parading with your reserve unit

    Usually additional training (PT or map skills, etc.) so your life on BMQ/Trade course will be easier for you. Depending on your unit, you may be brought on weekend exercises as general duty.
  17. Sadukar09

    Anti-Zombie kit.

  18. Sadukar09

    All things LASIK surgery (aircrew/other -- merged)

    A little search goes a long way. http://forums.army.ca/forums/threads/31590.0 Pilots need V1 in visual acuity. So you have to have 20/20 uncorrected vision.