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  1. ProPatria031

    Taliban leader surrenders after he hears British special forces are 'closing in'

    I agree with making an article too, theres is to much negativity in the news about Afghanistan now a days, e.g. soldiers dieing, the jail break ext. I think this would help give Canada a more positive image on the fight in Afghanistan. :cheers:
  2. ProPatria031

    (Hot!) high school teacher in hot water for posing in risque swimsuit photos!!!!

    Parents are going to turn there kids gay, I'd would encourage teachers to be looking like that, Damn shes hot
  3. ProPatria031

    What does your name mean?

    ProPatria = RCR motto because I'm a royal, 031 is my MOC. so the 2 kinda go together. I know it sounds cheesy but it works
  4. ProPatria031

    Question about the small pack system

    I'm looking for a replacement to, I was looking at Camelbak Hydration/Cargo backpacks, some of those are pretty sweet
  5. ProPatria031

    Question about the small pack system

    I wear my CWWB, and 5.11 in the winter and spring (especially this week, there is mud and puddles everywhere in Pet) with my civvies all the time, its one of the only articles of clothing authorized to wear with civvies anytime. this way I wont get mud and other filth to my nice shoes that I...
  6. ProPatria031

    Canadian Forces: Direct Action

    well its a million time better then those crapy SAT trainers. way more entertaining to  8)
  7. ProPatria031

    Bored and want suggestions for a decent FPS Game

    LMAO I've had that happen to, the one thing I hate with games on computers is that they have to use the keyboard to confuse the shite out of you Lil. try a consol game, try and get an original XBOX, they're cheap now and wont be a big deal if you get tired of it. for starters games I recommend...
  8. ProPatria031

    CAF in video games

    screw the crisis engine, use the new frostbite engine that will be in BF: Bad Company. there are a couple of weapons you want to change: C8A3, C9A2, Leo 2 A4, 84mm Carl G A3, Remington 870 shotgun, i think there are more that I can't think of right now. for sound, there should be existing sound...
  9. ProPatria031

    Bored and want suggestions for a decent FPS Game

    I got Rainbow Six Vegas 2 just the other day, ITS UNFRIGGIN BELEIVABLE!!!!! it scores a 10/10 for me, it has a great story line (if your in to "Tom Clancyesk" story lines), graphics are superb, sound is pretty good, on-line is awesome. you wont get to do much at first till you unlock weapons...
  10. ProPatria031

    Skydex Helmet Pad Kit - LOTS of pictures

    I wasn't able to get a proper pattern that offered ventilation and stability so I opted for different pattern instead, but its comfy as having a heavy pillow on your head, these brain bucket pads are beyond cats a$$  8) Plus!! if I'm wearing it, you can't even tell that I have the pads in, so...
  11. ProPatria031

    Skydex Helmet Pad Kit - LOTS of pictures

    That set up is a good idea, that void must give some good ventilation. I just picked mine up today I'm going to try and set them up the same way (to bad I cant get a goochy helmet like that yet ;) ). I'll put some picks up when I'm done putting them in. :cheers:
  12. ProPatria031

    The brown Temperate Combat Boot (AKA: Mk IV Cbt Boot) - No longer CADPAT

    something else to loose in a CADPAT mush pile LOL
  13. ProPatria031

    Joining CSOR early

    Oh OK so it's pretty much a crash course on how to be a soldier then, and would be more or less a refresher for me. what happens after you pass the ISAP, would I go back to my unit till the next SOBQ course come around???
  14. ProPatria031

    Second CC-177 operational

    I wonder, would it be possible to do airborn Ops with it? if so we could load a whole jump coy in the back of that beast.  ;D
  15. ProPatria031

    Your Favorite Military Video Game

    Has anyone played Rainbow Six Vegas 2 yet??? it's freaking awesome  8)
  16. ProPatria031

    Joining CSOR early

    I'm guessing ISAP is essentially selection for CSOR and a fancy name. 8)
  17. ProPatria031

    Joining CSOR early

    oh OK I thought they were running 2 courses a year, thanks for the enlightenment. then that's what I will do then, but December damn that's going to be cold LOL. How long is ISAP, do you know?????
  18. ProPatria031

    Joining CSOR early

    well that's perfect!!!! ;D this will give me time to train and I'm sure the OC wont have a problem with me going on the course after next. me not going on tour might turn out to be a good thing after all.
  19. ProPatria031

    Joining CSOR early

    Hmm does that mean I have to wait for him to get from tour next march??? or is there another way around this????
  20. ProPatria031

    Joining CSOR early

    well I really hope your right Wallace, I hope I can get a tour before CSOR, but I ain't going to hold my breath for much longer