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    The Excalibur Merged Thread

    "The Excalibur's starting price tag of $80,000( it may be lower by now ), does not lend itself to being a dud(e)" Right, because we always get what we pay for. ::)
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    Some of the pepper pot muzzle "brakes" do not reduce recoil but act to reduce gas turbulence as the round leaves the barrel. This can increase accuracy. Quick what are the four sub-fields of ballistics?
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    Australia turns down surplus Dutch PzH2000 howitzers (from Janes Defence Weekly)

    At sea level the Hook will move a M198 and some ready ammo plus the crew, with stores including the coffee maker. In the hot and high they need two to do the same job. Swapping M777 for M198 does little to change things as the guns weight savings is equal to only +\- 40 rounds (20 min...
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    Close Area Suppression Weapon (was Company Area Suppression Weapon)

    The elevation giving max range is altered by the proj velocity, weight, sectional density and coefficient of drag, as the higher you put the bullet the less air resistance it will encounter and the farther it will go. So in short there is no single perfect answer, but 800 mils (45 deg) is in...
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    Wearing Of Contact Lenses While On Duty

    Remember that heavy recoil and Lasik don't mix. The flap can come loose and/or wrinkle. If you only plan on shooting 5.56 no prob but .338 Lapua and .300 H&H are a different story.
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    Do high-tech weapons have a classification system?

    If you are looking for an official and universal classification system you are out of luck. I was at a lecture a few years back and there was an American Artillery officer who referred to rounds such as the Copperhead as smart munitions and rounds like the 120 Stryx and 155 Bonus as BAMs...
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    I like how the MRE seems like a bit of a crap shoot. You never know what you are getting. Crackers or bread or both who knows. With IMPs you know you are getting a door stop (the bread) and bag of fruit in syrup in every meal. I don't eat candy at home but the army loves to give it to me in the...
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    tankers personal weapons and 9 mm vs 5.7 mm

    C77 ball (97 head stamp) contains 24.9 grains of a dual gran ball powder, behind a 62 grain tar sealed bullet .907" in length in a boxer primed case. I agree with Kevin, a shorter barrel on the same platform is the way to go for soldiers who carry a rifle while performing their primary combat...
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    Shooting...left eye dominant yet right handed

    I learned to shoot with both hands and both eyes. Practice makes perfect. Focusing on a specific method of shooting limits our ability to deal with "problems" . Funny thing is that at 14 I was loading autos one handed and jacking the action off of my heel. Then I joined the CF and everything...
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    Weapon myth alert : spaced gas rings. Swat magazine had an article on AR-15 myths, and they said off setting the gaps was a myth as the rifle only needs one ring to operate. I stripped all but one off of my bolt and it kept working and working. I have since swapped new ones on so it does not...
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    Time To Dust Off Our M109???

    Still a non issue as we can't do it, and have not needed to do it for reasons other than recovery (and no lift was available anyway). We require a mixed arsenal, 81 and 120 mortars, both 105 and 155 in towed and SP. We have been cutting away at capabilities, and many people seem happy with...
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    Time To Dust Off Our M109???

    105 vs 155 5.56 vs 7.62 Different round for different applications. 105 still has a lighter weight (gun and ammunition), higher rate of fire, reduced manning requirements, and reduced danger radius. Kind of like C7 vs C1, they are different tools with different strengths and weaknesses.
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    Hey what happened to the Queen's Medal?

    "Piss on golf, real men go to the range" Anyone know who I am quoting
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    Hey what happened to the Queen's Medal?

    I know I am on an archaeological dig here, but. Anyone have any info on the CF bringing service rifle comps back?
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    What trades are fighting units, and what aren't?

    My father was Infantry, after a few stories of living like a turtle (carrying your home on your back) for weeks on end and being on the bad end of danger close missions, I became a Gunner. You want a physical challenge? Try feeding a 155mm Howitzer 100lb shells all day. You want to be the...
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    Canadian G3s?

    What was the CF calling the Garand when training on it?
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    Extreme heat in army tanks endangers troops; forces use tank blanket to keep troops from baking

    Best bet, start shopping for a newer tank. Anything we can do by summer will be band aid. Bet we could get a deal on 12 A6s as we would be using them on operations. I am sure the Germans would love to see how they work out in combat without putting their crews at risk. This is not a slag of the...
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    Time To Dust Off Our M109???

    So is it that Macs develop far more pressure or do they create more of a bang than a push? It is my understanding that when the trails are dug into solid earth it does not scoot around but when they are "dug" into sand and talc fine dust the gun is self propelled. Not a laying issue with LINAPS...
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    Extreme heat in army tanks endangers troops; forces use tank blanket to keep troops from baking

    http://www.sfu.ca/casr/ft-isaf-armour5.htm I could not imagine the cooling load required for a Leopard. It would not supprise me if it was over 2 tons though (cooling systems are rated by how many tons of ice they could melt in 24 hours with the amount of heat they can extract).  3000sqft house...
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    Time To Dust Off Our M109???

    Why would we have problems using MACS in the M109? As far as other ammo the M109 should be able to fire a broader range of ammo as they are better able to absorb the recoil energy. I wonder how far the M777 would displace for every copperhead round fired?  The triple seven is very light in...