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    The 2008 Canadian Election- Merged Thread

    Why did the Liberals pay that money out, they wrote a slanderous statement about Mulroney, that is still slanderous today, even with all this "new" (15 year old) information. Mulroney accepted no money while he was PM, this is a witch hunt, and if we are going to have witch hunts, lets look at...
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    The 2008 Canadian Election- Merged Thread

    You fail to mention that Mulroney donated the 2.1 million to charity. You also fail to mention that it was not taxpayers money that Mulroney got from Schreiber, it was a business deal, after Mulroney left politics. How about the 40 million the Liberals still owe the taxpayers for adscam, money...
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    Media Bias [Merged]

    That's a VERY good question. We know Pablo (look at my hair) is one of them, who's the other Liberal MP?
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    Media Bias [Merged]

    Any misleading done by a CBC reporter with the collusion of the Liberal Party of Canada is important, because it sets the context of their character. If the CBC reporter and her Liberal buddies were actively compromising the ethics committee, their previous actions should be looked into. So...
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    Dion on Pakistan

    Hate to tell you this, but Dion was speaking French!
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    Another Shooting in T.O., and one Councillor wants the army to come in.

    I agree, the police are doing a hard job, without much support when they finally catch the guys. My personal experience was an eye opener for me. A sexual pervert exposed himself to a girl we had renting out the basement. When we called it in, the police went directly to his house, half a block...
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    Okay, I read this thread yesterday, thought about it, and decided I had to share this recipe with you. The problem is that, I don't measure anything, it's all by taste. So, here goes: Beef Stroganoff Cut up a roast into thin strips, marinate (as long as you want, sometimes I don't even bother...
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    Families of 5 Fallen Make Trip to Kandahar

    I hope that I could visit the base in Afghanistan if my son had been killed there. It would give me closure, and a better understanding of where he was and the conditions he had to put up with. I can understand why some of the families would want to visit the base. Doesn't the Tim Horton's in...
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    Offensive cartoon in (you guessed it) the "Toronto Star"

    No, it's not just a political cartoon, it's a statement about soldiers in the cities, with guns, willing to suppress citizens. It's hard core socialism/communism. It's not funny, it's highly offensive to not just the military, but all Canadians.
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    Dion blasts Harper's foreign policy 'blunders'

    It appears that Canadians are liking PM Harper's position on many issues as the new poll suggests, no remember it's only a poll, but it is encouraging for the PM. (respecting all copyright, what ever I'm supposed to say here, consider it said) Conservatives surge to 40%: poll Norma Greenaway...
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    Conservatives move to upstage Coderre.

    Found on a CTV page: (Respecting all the copyright.... whatever I'm supposed to say) http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20071009/coderre_visit_071009/20071009?hub=Canada Last comment on this story, it's priceless! CF Mbr in Afghanistan To all those who like to speak on my...
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    Poll: Harper Tories extend lead on Grits

    CTV has this title for the same article: Harper Tories lead sagging Grits by 7 points: poll Now is this biased? Add some comma's, and we get: Harper Tories lead sagging, Grits by 7 points: poll OR Harper Tories lead sagging Grits, by 7 points: poll It's a small thing, but the headline...
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    Conservatives move to upstage Coderre.

    I think E.R. Campbell is right on. My question is why didn't Coderre go earlier when the other opposition MP's went? Why now? For what purpose? He has already stated that no matter what he sees in Afghanistan, he will still support pulling out the troops in 2009, so I don't understand what he...
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    Deconstructing "Progressive " thought

    Same with the tent city in Edmonton, now that it's getting cold, they are moving indoors, but heck, if you can work, without having to pay rent during the summer, why not? I would like not to pay my mortgage for a few months too, but I can't. Yet the lefties yell about free housing, well sure...
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    Liberal Def Critic Trying Freelance Trip to AFG

    Coderre also announced on Friday's Mike Duffy Show that Bernier was going to Afghanistan, is this not a security breach? He obviously had advance knowledge of the Minister's trip and was not supposed to say anything, what if it had been the PM planning to travel there? Don't believe me? Listen...
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    CTV: Author urges Canada to rethink Afghanistan

    I saw the guy on CTV, isn't he the guy who walked across the middle east? Or is it another guy? Look, I think him walking everywhere is a great idea, but he appeared to be doing it for the wrong reason, to promote himself and his newest book, not the Afghanistan people. Now, I have never...
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    Who'll be the next CDS? Speculation here, please!!

    But in a rare press conference at the National Press Theatre in Ottawa on Wednesday, Harper called Hillier an "outstanding soldier, who is bringing strong leadership for the Canadian forces." "There has been no discussion in my office or with me with any senior officials about the possibility...
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    Who'll be the next CDS? Speculation here, please!!

    AHEM, can I get one of my demotes removed now that I have been proven to be right? Just asking.  ;D
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    Who'll be the next CDS? Speculation here, please!!

    Do we seriously believe a rumour? From what I have seen, the media likes to make problems where none exist. Is Dion in trouble? Media changes the tune. HUMMM Could this be a planned story to divide the public? It isn't ONLY Hillier who has made the military proud again, he couldn't do it with...
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    Liberal Def Critic Trying Freelance Trip to AFG

    Coderre? Isn't he the guy who marched in a parade that had Hezbollah flags showing? Is he not also the guy who accused Hillier of being a Conservative lacky because he talked about "dark days" under the Liberals? Please correct me if I'm wrong. Still it would be nice if he brought Dion and...