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    ACISS / Sig Op

    Does anyone know that status of the Sig Op trade? I started the enrolment process through P Res when the trade was still ACISS. By the time they found my former service records and post-covid recruiting had started back up, my enrolment paperwork called it Sig Op. So I'm part way through BMQ...
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    Reserve Force BMQ Aldershot

    What are CITY courses? Is that an acronym, or does it just mean at armouries in the city as opposed to on base?
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    Reserve BMQ Vancouver

    What does reserve BMQ (part-time) look like in the time of COVID? Do we sleep overnight at the armoury? Are the Platoon sizes the same? I recently re-enrolled after being out more than 10 yrs. Last time I did BMQ full-time and then straight into DP1. I'm wondering how it will be different this...