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    No info given to me about Enrollment Ceremony

    I have my Enrollment Ceremony Wed the 1st but i haven't received any info on what time or conference app we're supposed to use (virtual enrollment). is this normal? will i just get the email soon or should I give the ol recruiter a call?
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    Application Process Samples [ 2019-present]

    Recruiting Center: CFRC Sudbury Regular Force/Primary Reserve: Regular Trade Choice #1: Infantry (only picked one trade) Applied: Sept 2020 CFAT: Oct 2020 Interview: Oct 2020 Medical: Oct 2020 (CFAT, Medical and interview same day) Background check/Competition listed: Feb 2021 Position Offered...
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    Anyone competition listed in 2021?

    i was emailed at the start of Feb informing me i was on the CL. they said if I hear nothing by end of April to email my recruiter. you can also check your file online through the application portal