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    Would you prefer to work in a Unionized or Non Unionized work place?

    Unions are political groups. They are major contributors to various left-wing causes. The main union here (FTQ) backs both the PQ and the Bloc Quebecois, it is beyond corrupt and has ties both to the Rizzuto clan and the bikers. Even if I look at it at a strictly personal/greedy level or at...
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    North Korea show's Sony who's boss

    The PR team have deep pockets and connections as it had involved the White House in the scheme.
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    Making Canada Relevant Again- The Economic Super-Thread

    The US Fed has announced rate hikes for next year. Interesting times are ahead for Canada, and indeed the world... http://www.businessinsider.com/gerard-minack-on-fed-rate-cycles-2014-11
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    North Korea (Superthread)

    Question is: Why wouldn't he try brinkmanship? Everyone from Jimmy Carter to Madelaine Albright wants to make a deal with North Korea.
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    Pan-Islamic merged mega thread

    Too bad CAIR didn't deem nescessary to do the same vis-a-vis HAMAS.
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    Congressman urges generals to quit in protest (from:Syria Superthread)

    I wonder what's the US military's official stance on its senior leaders' airing controversial views in public. It seems almost ingrained in their culture. Historically, Billy Mitchell and Douglas Macarthur immediately come to mind. In any case, the left gleefully exploited the rift between...
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    I'm thinking of either joining the Conservative Party or Liberal Party of Quebec and doing volonteering.  I'm not particularly happy with either of these party as I'm farther to the right but figure they are the lesser evils.  so does anyone have experience in practical politics? If so, could...
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    Iraq in Crisis- Merged Superthread

    It is extremely hard to believe that the US could not have put enough leverage on a client state whose army was/is dependent upon its generosity. Fact is, US public opinion was turning against the Iraq War well before the 2011 deadline.  http://www.pollingreport.com/iraq2.htm Leaving Iraq...
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    China vs. Vietnam: territorial disputes, etc

    A proxy war between China and Vietnam would come to a disappointing end. China doesn't need to "win" against Vietnam. China's economy can afford to post troops at the border indefinetly. Vietnam will take a much harder hit if it does the same.  Vietnam also has a spotty history with its...
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    Iraq in Crisis- Merged Superthread

    Much blame can be put on the shoulders of Maliki, but we (the "West") are certainly not without faults. The polls indicate the US population is at best split on staying in Iraq. The rest of the Western world(including Canada) wanted nothing to do with Gulf War II. The people want out of the...
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    The Top 20 Most Annoying Buzzwords and Phrases in the Workplace

    In the french corporate world, they have this phrase "valeur ajoutee" (literal translation "added value" ).
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    Most Canadians can't identify the war during which Canadians fought at Vimy

    In college (CEGEP), I had a teacher tell the class there were no airplanes in World War I.
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    Russia in the 21st Century [Superthread]

    What most in the West forget is that Putin has an 80% approval rate. If anything, the Crimean crisis have solidified popular support at home. I don't think his approval ratings ever dipped below 60% in his 10+ or so years in power. That was in spite of a 10 years insurgency in Chechnya that...
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    How much time needs to pass before a war can be well portrayed in a movie?

    To make good art is to write only for oneself. One of the best Japanese novelist ,Yukio Mishima, unashamedly promoted his far right ideals through his literature. Robert Heinlein was often accused of drafting characters that were little more then mouthpieces. That did not prevent him from...
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    The post-Afghanistan Canadian Army

    Strange that he doesn't mention Al-qaeda training camps or terrorism at all. It is as if the journalist is too cynical to realize betterment of the CF is not a war goal in itself.
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    Ukraine - Superthread

    I'm sure that he means well, but that guy with the nightstick looks very very goofy...
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    Because we as a society have failed to enforce our drug laws does not mean that they are unenforceable. If difficulty of enforcement is the primary criterion for the viability of a law, then we might as well forget about enforcing laws on murder or robbery. ...
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    Big $ from NY fundraiser for IDF support programs

    I've always been impressed with the can-do spirit of the Jewish people. The fact that Israel has survived up to now in spite of early arms embargoes is quite a feat. It is a model for small states with a large diaspora.
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    Chinese Military,Political and Social Superthread

    The problem with this thesis is Norodom Sihanouk...Prior to the  coup in Cambodia, the Khmer Rouges never numbered more then 2000 fighters. It was only after he joined as figurehead that the movement gained in importance. Until then,the Left was ironically gathered under someone who was known...