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    Retiring at 55

    That pension website is indeed useful!  However, it will not calculate correctly for people with CRA55 and/or who are on an IE20.  Both of those things apply to me but the calculator will still tell me I'll get a 25% penalty.  You can play with the numbers a bit to get the terms you know should...
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    Why Acting Sub-Lieutenant, and Where are the Midshipmen & Ensigns (Merged thread)

    Second Lieutenant isn't quite the mouthful that Acting Sub-Lieutenant is, but it's still pretty full and pretty annoying to have to spill out of the mouth.  Anyway, the punchline of my comment here is that 2Lts are frequently addressed sans the 'second'.
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    Penticton Reservist (?): "It's time to end Afghanistan war"

    Anything I say will be insufficient in expressing my thoughts.  So, I'll just keep it to being that I'm absolutely blown away by this moron.
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    Before you release

    Excellent post, Sigger!  Should prove useful to many.
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    Who'll be the next CDS? Speculation here, please!!

    Posted reply to the poll sub-topic in this thread on Polls Forum, a more appropriate location.
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    How's the CDS doing?

    Completely agree with this.
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    How's the CDS doing?

    This reply is a split from CDS to be replaced? Your conclusion: Toronto has the largest metro population of anyplace in Canada.  Most people in TO are Lib or NDP.  Ergo, votes in an online, national poll are skewed that way.  My query to that conclusion: Wouldn't that argument hold valid for...
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    Who'll be the next CDS? Speculation here, please!!

    I don't think it's been posted, so... The Globe and Mail (the poll itself is on the main page, halfway down on the right) has a poll asking if you think Gen Hillier is doing a good job. Now, the results are favouring the 'no' side.  That in itself doesn't surprise me.  However, the ratio of...
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    Canadian Air Force engineer honoured for heroic Mount Everest rescue

    Good on her!  I remember reading something about her not too long ago, having to do with her climbing mountains around the world.  Not sure where I saw that.  Anyway, she does have a website for those interested.
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    Why are you proud of Canada?

    I have to agree with SBaker here.  Give it a rest with the US bashing.  Both countries have their flaws, but ultimately both countries are great.  And hey Baden Guy, there are also people dying in Canada because they can't afford their prescribed cancer treatments.  Sure, people here might be...
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    Allowances - Post Living Differential (PLD) [MERGED]

    You should make sure of your numbers before spouting off some stereotypical garbage like that.  For the 2006 tax year I paid more taxes as a resident of Alberta than I would have as a resident of Ontario.  And sure, there might not be a PST in Alberta, but it's just built into the price of the...
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    Argentina Reasserts Claims To Falklands (again)

    What exactly would you have expected otherwise?  You can bet dollars to donuts that if you recently returned from Argentina you would have essentially the same 'impression'.
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    Future US-Canada Water disputes due to Global Warming?

    Sure, some sort of conflict could arise over fresh water in the future.  But it isn't going to be as a result of the type of global warming and climate change the media and other interested parties are trying to hoodwink the public with.  Ahhh... I better stop now before I get all worked up.
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    Argentina Reasserts Claims To Falklands (again)

    I'm interested to hear further elaboration on this.
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    Argentina Reasserts Claims To Falklands (again)

    Really?  As a 12- or 13-year old, no less.  Sounds to me like you are just spouting off professor-written rhetoric. Exactly the point I was about to raise.  It really surprises me that so many comments in this thread quickly write off the Argentine capability with nary a thought.  Never mind...
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    Taliban demands Karzai swap prisoners for Afghans

    Exactly right!  They might be terrorists, but they aren't dummies.  The instant Karzai cut that deal for the Italian their filthy grins expanded exponentially.  This is a no-win situation and as such, the response should cut this new tactic off now.  Even though it will end up giving the good...
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    In the line of duty: Canada's casualties - British Artcle

    Nice read.  Makes me suspicious that this Kevin Myers fellow has some personal ties to Canada, though.  :o Why not, BattleHawk?  Do you think that unappetizing truths shouldn't be written down for all to see?
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    Number of IPC levels for Corporals vs Captians

    "...there are often more incentive levels for officer ranks than there are for non-commissioned member ranks, on the basis that it takes longer for officers to gather all the experience, skill and knowledge required for their rank. Hence, they must wait longer than non-commissioned members to...
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    ARG Teens Will Learn UK "Colonized" Falklands

    Could the islands have belonged to Argentina?  The first colony established was by France.  Britain established a colony not long after, shortly followed by Spain.  This all occurred in less than 3 years, beginning around 1764.  Of course, squabbles broke out once each nations' colony...
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    Retire from CAF and entering Fed PS [Merged]

    Sorry, I should have been more clear.  I meant what Bruce said regarding pro/anti arguments.