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    Freeman on the Land?

    While the actions of the "Freemen" can be quite distressing - particularly in the case of the poor woman in Alberta - and they are increasingly a nuisance in the courts, the actions of one of them has at least allowed one Ontario judge to write one of the funniest, and best written, court...
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    Canadian Soldiers of the World Wars were not Canadian Citizens?!

    The crux of this issue isn't reall about this individual plaintiff, or the money involved in recogniznig the "lost Canadians". The government has taken steps in recent years to grant citizenship to most of those who had fallen through the cracks due to earlier versions of the Citizenship Act. ...
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    CH47 Chinook

    Actually I believe the CP-140 replaced the Argus and Neptune, not the Lancaster - although there were Lancs in service until the early sixties.
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    Canadian flamethrowers & Cold War

    My late father had some pictures of flame-thrower exercises at, I think, Suffield in the late fifties.  Judging from the size of the stream of fire I assume they are from a vehicle-mounted system, but I think the actual vehicle is not visible in the pictures.  It seems from this thread that it...
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    "Re-Royalization", "Re-Britification" and the Heritage Transformation

    At least as far as the artilley goes, the article is mistaken.  The artillery has been "Royal" since 1893 and it adopted the title "the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery" in 1956.  Unification did not affect that status.  The Regiment did not need to re-apply for use of the "Royal"...
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    I note that one of the regiments receiving the battle honour is an artillery regiment.  Is anyone aware of any other artillery units that perpetuate an infantry or cavalry unit and carry battle honours in addition to "Ubique"?  In the absence of colours, where will they display the honour?
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    Chelsea Hospital has at least four American colours (I suppose they are, technically, "Colors").  They belong to the 2nd and 4th Infantry and an unidentified New York militia regiment.  The question which has been posed is whether anyone knows to which of the New York regiments the colour...
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    The 4th Infantry Regiment lost its colour when it surrendered at Detroit.  The colour captured at Queenston Heights belonged to one of the New York militia regiments.  There were five of them present at the battle, the 16th through 20th, but I don't know if is known which ones managed to get...
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    Pacific coast defences

    Peter Moogk's book "Vancouver Defended" is a very good reference source. I assume it is out of print but it might be available on Amazon.  The 15th Field Regiment Museum has a lot of information, and a very detailed diorama of the Point Grey defences circa 1942.
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    Glen Breton is a nice, mild Scotch, a little less distinctive than many single malts from Scotland.  For those who want a slighly sweeter scotch without the peatyness of many single malts, I'd recommend Highland Park, from the Orkneys. 
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    BC Earthquake - 9 September 2011

    I could feel it in Richmond. No sound, but the building felt like it was moving for a few seconds.
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    Freeman on the Land?

    The article fails to mention that absolutely none of the people who have tried to advance this bizarre claim have had the slightest success in the courts.  There are a number of people, however, who have found themselves in serious trouble with the CRA as a result of accepting tax advice based...
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    Turmoil in Libya (2011) and post-Gaddafi blowback

    The Prime Minister consulted with the opposition party leaders and has indicated he will ask for a resolution from Parliament if the deployment in Libya appears to be greater than three months.  That doesn't seem to be much of a departure, if any, from previous government committments on the issue.
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    Close Combat Vehicle: Canada to buy another AFV (& keeping LAV III & TLAV)

    The short turn-around reflects the fact that all the bidders have, in fact,already presented their proposals.  This new request is an attempt to fix the technical problem that afflicted the previous request, which resulted in all bids being thrown out.  I don't think the 15-day period reflects...
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    New Canadian Shipbuilding Strategy

    There's always a first time.
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    New Canadian Shipbuilding Strategy

    News items indicate the new ship-building policy will be announced tomorrow at the CANSEC 2010 conference.
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    The Northwest Passage is already Canadian (article)

    Like a broken clock, even Mr. Byers can be right once in a while.  In this case he actually makes some sense on the issue of whether the name change would strengthen or weaken our position (I'll leave aside the question of whether we should be polite and add an Inuk name to the passage as well)...
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    CAN Plaque: Danke schön, Hessians, for Helping Against "American Rebels"

    I don't think they are the same thing, although I understand your point.  The Hessians and others who were sent to fight in American during the rebellion were members of their national armies and subject to the discipline and requirements of loyalty to their sovereign, whether George as elector...
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    CAN Plaque: Danke schön, Hessians, for Helping Against "American Rebels"

    I assume you mean for Canadian army units, since there are British regiments, such as the Royal Scots, who carry the honour "Niagara".  It would, of course, be difficult to recognize any particular regiment as being the successor of any of the earlier units, without raising all sorts of issues...
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    Korean War Insignia

    On the other hand, our troops had access to alcohol, which the Americans didn't.  It made, I gather, for some interesting bartering sessions among the units.