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    Meteorologist technician

    Hey everyone it’s been a long time since I posted here. And since 2019 I have got a lot of loose end tied up that I can now join/apply! Currently I’ve been leaning more and more to Met Tech and I have an interest in weather and forecasting. I’d love to hear of any experiences any of you have...
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    Posting Policy-Out of Canada (OUTCAN) [MERGED]

    So I have been wondering  on this one for a bit. How common are outcan posting and would anyone who has done so tell me the process? I am in the early process of joining. My significant other lives in the U.K. And is in university for forensic science. S/O is open to moving to Canada at a later...
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    Transgender in the CF (merged)

    Thank you very much! I may go what they call as stealth (where I do not tell anyone/ out myself) or may not. It's hard to say because even in my day to day life, outside of the people I have on my social media I don't really ever tell people about my situation. Like I don't hide it as I not...
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    Transgender in the CF (merged)

    Ok thanks for the heads up! I wasn't sure if I should or not but I puttered around with the idea. I want to be as prepared as possible, including doing exercises on my own initiative before basic but not so prepared that I end up doing it not the right way and have to relearn from scratch
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    CAF rank system [Merged]

    No shame being casted, especially to anyone here in a similar situation. I was just trying to understand how that all worked out!
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    CAF rank system [Merged]

    Thank you kilted, Kratz  and pusser!
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    Transgender in the CF (merged)

    Hello everyone. I have decided im going join the forces and would appreciate any advice that could be beneficial to a successful career in the military. A small background story. I am 25, grew up in a military household so I have a decent idea of what I'm getting myself into as opposed to no...
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    CAF rank system [Merged]

    Hey there. I have a question that I haven't been able to figure out on my own and it regards one working their way up the military chain. I know of a member who has been in for close to 20 years and is still in corporal rank. I also know someone who has been in less than 10 years and she is a...
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    Run Up to Election 2019

    Looking at the poll for sometime I thought this year would produce a Liberal minority. However I'm beginning to suspect the Conservatives may now win a minority government. Across Canada the Liberals have been falling more and more. Up north they probably will win Yukon and Northwest Territories...
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    P.E.I. Tories win minority government, with Green opposition

    Normally I would say don't read into it as many incumbents who had been defeated (Manitoba,Ontario, Quebec and to a lesser extent Alberta) were unpopular due to various reasons. Voter fatigue is a very real thing aswell. By December 2015 all right wing parties had been defeat that year or in the...
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    Transgender in the CF (merged)

    I was looking for my original post and it was moved to this thread. Didn't even realize there was a thread already for this so if my above post looks redundant that is why. Sweet stuff tho!
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    Transgender in the CF (merged)

    Hello everyone. I heard of this site a while ago but just now decided to join in hopes of hearing some experiences , voicing concerns and questions of my own and perhaps even make a friend or two! Anyway.. I am a 25 year old transgender woman. For years I had wanted to join the military  but...