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    CT SuppRes to RegF

    I'm ex Reg Force now SuppRes. I've applied back to the Reg Force. My file is now complete. Going back into the same trade, LogO. My PLAR shows me as still trade qualified and my medical is good. What happens now and how long does it take? When I applied LogO was listed as "Now Hiring", but no...
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    Army Mess Kit For Sale - Jr. Officer LogO

    Barely used. Fits 5'8' 150 lbs. Doeskin. Andrei Master Tailors. Can be tailored a bit up or down. No offence to the Army  :salute: but I'm re-enrolling Air Force. I have it listed on Ebay. Brand new it was $1300 with tax. Will sell for $900 OBO. Need the cash for the uglier RCAF Mess Kit.