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    BMOQ - Reserve ( merged )

    I was informed by the Infantry School this past summer that BMOQ(A) is being extended by one week to 11, and will no longer be done in mods.  I believe the course currently running is the final course in the mod format, to allow those who have outstanding mods to finish.
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    Wearing Uniforms Post-Release/Retirement (merged)

    I wouldn't mind seeing some identifier that retired members could wear (at no cost to the crown) on whatever form of dress/mess uniform they used at the time of retirement, to indicate the wearer is retired.  The British have a "R" Badge for retired officers.  We could adopt something similar...
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    Sexual Assault & Sexual Misconduct in the CF

    I'm surprised this didn't come sooner after the preliminary hearing.  Its purpose is to determine whether or not the charges and trial are warranted.
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    Alberta Schools; pick your own gender and bathroom

    I could care less, but I'd like to have some identifier on the door so I know where the urinals are...
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    Clearing CUSTOMS Split from: BOOT REGULATIONS:

    It isn't so much CBSA, but the idiots with CATSA.  For whatever reason at some time I was flying domestically in (army) DEU.  The CATSA contracted security guard asks me "what uniform is that anyways" and them proceeds to have me take off my oxfords because he has to check them for metal?  At...
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    USN Admiral FIRED for viewing PORN at work- Jan. 2016

    And here's the obligatory conspiracy theory from hXXp://awdnews.com/top-news/top-us-admiral-fired-for-questioning-obama-purchase-of-mansion-in-dubai
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    Politics in 2016

    In Saudi, the military, national guard, and police are three different entities that act as checks and balances on each other (or rather, their respective princes-in-charge).  It's a stretch, but for comparison think of how (in theory) our executive/legislative/judicial branches are checks and...
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    Extended period of service after 3b release

    Does the possibility exist to CT to COATS?  You can stay in uniform (till 65yrs old there) and retain the elmental/branch/regt identity, but you might end up doing something different (advising cadet corps, etc), and I think there are provisions to recieve waivers for medical/physical limitations.
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    Question about the hearing test in the medical exam

    I'll note the following for interest's sake.  My enrollment medical 6 years ago classified my hearing at the H3 level.  I recently completed another medical for a component transfer, and was pleased to find my hearing has improved? to an H1.  Not sure how that happened.
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    questions about officer duties, and pay grade

    That must be the QL3 then?
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    "Toronto police exploring ‘clown guns’ for officers"

    Can be attached/detached quickly - that's a plus.
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    questions about officer duties, and pay grade

    I have to ask now, what is the element and MOC for "Lion Tamer"?
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    "Toronto police exploring ‘clown guns’ for officers"

    Maybe this is a stupid question, but what happens when you actually need the lethal force capability of your sidearm like RIGHT NOW and the first shot and precious seconds are wasted?
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    Canada needs own medal to honour citizens' service in Far North

    Most Canadian Rangers will get another addition to their rack?
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    Is gambling allowed within CAF?

    If you want to have an organized game that is legit, most provincial gaming commissions have a license for one-time/small-time gambling.  There's a small fee, often some requirement that proceeds go to a worthy cause (mess, unit fund, regt assoc, a project, etc may fit the bill) and an after...
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    Getting your uniforms

    Hello I'm going to guess from your username that your birthyear is 2001, making you a cadet?  If so, when you join a cadet unit, you'll be measured for a uniform.  Depending on the unit and your sizing, it may need to be ordered, or they may kit you out from stock on hand.  You'll likely have a...
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    Trailer for "Weekend Warriors" a new TV sitcom about Canada's part-time soliders

    A modern Canadianized version of "Get some In" https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUU6Fu7YIV4Fv-PvohlVT5A would be pretty funny - just pretend we have national service.
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    The Great Gun Control Debate

    Good for them!  Another hypocrite who thinks that since his face is everywhere, he's somehow an expert.
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    Looking for Chilliwack real estate agent

    Yep, pretty much.  The streets I mentioned are all within a block or two of five corners, and have an unsavoury reputation.  Fairfield Island (North) and Sardis and Promontory (South) are nice suburban areas to live, and Greendale (West) and Rosedale (East) are nice rural areas of Chilliwack.