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    How long is employment contract?

    Is there a way to check how many years is the employment contract for each full-time job?
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    Ratio: officer to NCM?

    What is the ratio of number of armoured officer to armoured solder?
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    Aerospace Control Officer Prelim

    Do people with post secondary level math have an advantage on the test?
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    ATC transferring to civilian?

    Is it easy for experienced ATC to transfer to civilian ATC jobs? Do civilian value military ATC experience?
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    MP subsized education?

    Does the in-service education plan guarantee the occupational transfer after obtaining the diploma? It would be disappointing if somehow CF wouldn't transfer me to MP after I finish the diploma.
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    Officer percentage in Reg?

    Out of all full time members, what percentage are officers?
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    MP subsized education?

    Can someone please clarify! How can you apply for individual learning plan if you are not hired as a MP because you don't have the relevant education? I thought in order to get into MP, you need relevant college diploma before you even apply. So if someone wants to be MP without diploma, he can...
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    MP subsized education?

    Does CF subsidize community police foundation?
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    Pre-Assessment Questionnaire

    What do they ask in Pre-enrollment Security Clearance interview*. I have been scheduled one, but don't know how to prepare and what to bring.
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    If you don't complete your contract

    What happens if you don't complete your contract. For ex. your contract is 6 years, but you have to go after 3 years.
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    Questions about MP vs MPO

    Can any MPO or former MPO tell me more about what they do? People at CFRC didn't tell me much, the CF website doesn't have much info either.
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    Ontario Planes

    Is there a link to see what kinds of planes are in Ontario air bases and the number of planes?
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    MP MPO statistic?

    What is the ratio of # of MPO to MP? Is it rare for someone to be selected for MPO without a criminology degree. For example econ, psycho, sociology, political science degree, etc....? What percentage of MP and MPO are currently deployed?
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    Pilot shortage?

    I thought there is at least one ACSO on every aircraft.......fighter, helicopter, jet.
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    Pilot shortage?

    Is there a link that show # of people per occupation? If so, where is the link?
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    Pilot shortage?

    Whats is DGMP, to DPGR, to Production Reports.
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    Pilot shortage?

    Is the number of ACSO almost as high as number of pilots? Since every pilot generally fly with at least 1 ACSO.
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    Pilot shortage?

    What is the largest officer occupation in CF? In the recent years, what is the percentage of pilot graduate who obtained PPL before they apply to CF?
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    Posting pics of MPO or MP grads

    Does CF prefer to hire veterans for MPO's and MP's? How come they are older than other occupations?
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    Need Information on Trades

    Is there a place I can look to find more information about the trades in CF? When you click on the trades,  the video, fact sheet and training and education information don't provide too much information on what you actually do on the job.