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  1. J

    Good Dim Sum in Edmonton?

    We've just recently been posted to Edmonton, and in the absence of my usual dim sum group (in Ottawa), I am wondering if anyone has suggestions for a good dim sum place in the area. Preferably north, but good dim sum is worth driving for. Cheers! (Edited to add: sorry, this should have been...
  2. J

    ROTP 2011-2012

    Hey, Nairna! I've been doing pretty well. Over the summer, I've taken a couple  more courses (criminal psychology is fascinating!), been busy with work (acting position), and I got my eyes lasered. I'm going to volunteer at school next year, taking notes for less-abled people. As for what I'm...
  3. J

    Soldier On Sports Recovery/Rehabilitation Fund

    Today in the St. Albert Gazette: Troops Soldier On at Lake. I found this story a little more in-depth, though the journalist spoke with the same Corporal as in the Edmonton Sun's story.
  4. J

    Shin Splints, Blisters, and PT [Merged]

    Hi, Manticure, I know what you mean about stiffness in your lower legs while running. I've never been sure what that is, but in my own experience, I found that pushing through it (not even stopping to stretch it out, which doesn't seem to help) and concentrating on something else (music...
  5. J

    The Womanly Thread - Thank you Tommy ;)

    To my man's dismay, I have told him I will not iron his shirts, though I do give foot-rubs and I love cooking for him. After washing my hands, of course.
  6. J

    "Worst Movie Of All Time"

    The Room. Such an innocent name, such a terrible movie.
  7. J

    "Worst Movie Of All Time"

    It used to be known that Manos: The Hands of Fate was the worst movie ever... However, I contend that Pocket Ninjas, Titanic: The Animated Movie, and Hobgoblins 2 are worse. At least Manos was fun to laugh at. The last three were just painful.
  8. J

    Annual Army Run (merged)

    I'm not sure if this is directed to anyone and everyone doing the Army Run, or more to CF members, but I'm hoping to do the half-marathon again, but more realistically will be doing the 5k. I had so much fun last year, I can't imagine not doing it again.
  9. J

    R.I.P.Trooper Marc Diab 8 March 2009

    Furthermore, Trooper Diab's parents have opened the first Lebanese restaurant in Petawawa in his memory. I haven't tried it yet, but I heard it was very popular on Saturday when I was up there.
  10. J

    Word association (just for fun)

  11. J

    On Balding and Hair Dye ~ The Tangent

    Interestingly enough (or not really), I was just going to bed at that time, wondering who might be up and what they might be doing...
  12. J

    Word association (just for fun)

    Orange (my plan was an orange Corvette Stingray)
  13. J

    What Was/Is Your Biggest Obstacle?

    If I had to pick one... it's telling my dad. My imagination has this whole recorded conversation of how it will go, when realistically and judging on previous behaviour, it won't go nearly as poorly. For the other worries I have, this site has been endlessly helpful.
  14. J

    Wrapping packages?

    Hi, Alea, They're usually called bubble envelopes, at least in my office.  :)
  15. J

    What book are you reading now?

    'Ivanhoe' by Sir Walter Scott, for the second time - funny how you leave a book for five years, and then it almost seems like new!
  16. J

    ROTP 2011-2012

    Oh heavens, if I got into ROTP, I would definitely be a full-time student. I'm just taking classes on a part time basis because I have 40 hours of work per week. One of my reasons for applying for the program is to finish my schooling in a timely fashion.
  17. J

    ROTP 2011-2012

    I think it applies more to my situation because I am a part-time student in a civ University. I will go and talk with the local recruiters again and clarify.
  18. J


    My new favourite stupidly easy ohmigod-gonna-be-late-for-class/work/scrapbooking night recipe: Ingredients: Pasta of whatever type Salsa (whatever you like) pinch of salt (optional) 1. Heat a pot of water to boiling on the stove. Add optional pinch of salt at the beginning of this. To the...
  19. J

    Word association (just for fun)

  20. J

    ROTP 2011-2012

    From talking to a recruiter, I think Nairna is right. I also believe that's the purpose of the rule requiring at least a year and a half of school left - if it were shorter, your contract time would not equal the value of the school paid for (considering the time spent with further training)...