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    Haitian leaders must all agree before Canada would lead a potential military intervention, Trudeau says

    We’ve got nobody to send, no way to get them there and no supplies to give them.
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    Site Administration Welcome to the new Army.ca!

    Looks Good! I see there is an "Approval Queue" link in the top left corner. Would you like the DS to action anything with that, or to just leave it be?
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    Opportunity to update the CC-150 fleet?

    Overtime at Big Red doesn’t require you to write an open book IRT, closed book IRT, open book CAT exam, closed book CAT exam, renew section 32/34, do GBA+ training, Green Procurement Training, Contracting Direct with Trade training, LOAC renewal and spend be able to do pepperpots/throw sand bags.
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    The Khadr Thread

    Well, let them.  Never interrupt an enemy while they are making a mistake.
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    The Need for a Small Tactical Airlifter

    As much as it pains my fixed wing heart to say this, more Chinooks would probably be a more versatile answer for moving small loads around in theatre.  It’s got a similar payload to the Twin Otter and can get in and out of more places.
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    Military Discounts List

    Government of Ontario to offer license free fishing to CAF Members and Veterans https://news.ontario.ca/mnr/en/2018/11/ontario-gives-back-to-its-heroes.html
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    Retention vs Recruiting

    Spot on.  It leads to a viscous circle; Junior members get annoyed with lack-lustre mid-level to senior leadership.  The most talented of our junior members have better options outside the CF so they pull the pin before they get promoted thus leaving less talent to promote into mid level...
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    CEOTP (Continuing Ed Officer Trg Plan) 2003-2018 [Merged]

    I chaired all the PFT PRBs for about a year and now I work in a cubicle, (in Ottawa), through which pilot training attrition stats pass. 
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    CEOTP (Continuing Ed Officer Trg Plan) 2003-2018 [Merged]

    I'm going to simply state that your statement does not mesh well with the reality that I have observed.
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    Jeans & mass punishment? #2

    Seneca Program and NCM pilot discussion now in separate thread. RMC and dress code discussion in this thread. Carry On.
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    CEOTP (Continuing Ed Officer Trg Plan) 2003-2018 [Merged]

    As much as I would like to discuss pilot training and Seneca, that is a bit off topic for this thread.
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    CEOTP (Continuing Ed Officer Trg Plan) 2003-2018 [Merged]

    From my experience as a civilian flight instructor I can state that this is not correct.  I've seen a number of people who just could not learn to fly an aircraft.  I've seen an even greater number that could figure out how to fly an aircraft, but only during daylight and good weather and God...
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    We’ve given up on Canada’s military, so let’s abandon it altogether

    Some interesting and well brought up points.  I note that some people have made the point that we need to make the CAF a more attractive employer for women.  I would say that we need to make the CAF a more attractive employer, period.
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    "Gun Cult in the US and How to Change It" split from Las Vegas Massacre

    Agreed.  In line with politics being the art of the possible; you are not going to get the Americans to give up their guns.  My suggested alternative is money for social programs and education.  Well fed, educated and adequately housed people are less prone to violence.  If the democrats were...
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    Some Medical Questions

    The only person who can answer that question is the recruiting medical officer.  If your friend wants to join tell him to put in an application.  The medical section will examine him and give him the definitive answer.
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    Commuting to PFT in Portage?

    No. Winnipeg is outside Southport's geographical area and you will be too busy studying to spend two hours a day on the road commuting.  You will be able to go home on weekends.
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    Leaking Information To Canadian Media

    Shades of Billy Mitchell https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billy_Mitchell