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    Reserve BMQ Prayer

    Army is changing.  If you're not in active combat, praying 5 times doesn't put others at risk of harm, praying ought not be an issue.  Especially with our current PM who is very pro-Muslim in all aspects of Canadian society.  if army folk make an issue, you take that up all the way to the human...
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    Been 3 years in the process.

    Golly suddenly my 2.5 years doesn't feel so long... But grampa ain't getting any younger!  I'm pushing mid-40's, they don't want us ol' timers trekkin' thru mud. Actually you know, I discovered in the CFAT that us ol' boys could be a resource for the younger kids who get depressed and...
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    BMQ 2019 - Regular Force

    Nice work and congrats!!!
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    NCM vs Officer enrollment

    Hey Eye in the Sky!  Thank you for your upbeat and positive message. Much appreciated. This is PRes. I’ll messge you as I don’t want to give too much detail in case there are relevant lurkers. 
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    NCM vs Officer enrollment

    Bon- pas exactement necessaire, par ce que je suis ne a Quebec... mais je ne sais pas si mes deux entrevue jai mentione cela... Merci pour le "tip" quand meme.  ;-)
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    Military, Veterans Affairs won’t pay for Air Force officer’s prosthetic leg

    Wow I’m amazed she did all the legal work herself and self represented.
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    NCM vs Officer enrollment

    Okay so let’s say I decide to wait it out. Wait for an officer role to open up. What can I do while I’m waiting?  Any courses open to the public or those on competition list?  Does it make me valuable if I get proficient in the use of firearms by eg taking pistol certification courses?
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    NCM vs Officer enrollment

    Probably trade specific, no?. e.g. Intel seems to like officers coming up the ranks from NCM; whereas some others seem open...
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    NCM vs Officer enrollment

    The way I understood the recruiting process, if a person has a university degree, they are told they can go into officer roles if they want, and many choose that route once they're told.  Perhaps there are some who also go NCM route. For us ol' folks over 40 years old, waiting 2 or 3 years is...
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    NCM vs Officer enrollment

    Wow thanks, this is helpful. I thought most ncm were young and without university degrees generally.
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    NCM vs Officer enrollment

    So I'm not a spring chicken and it's difficult to get into any direct entry officer role; my initial field of interest rarely hires, so I moved to another field that also rarely hires; and another. Now I'm thinking I should just go in as an NCM despite my university and "senior management"...
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    Legal Officer Recruiting [Merged]

    To the people reading this post - and applying to JAG - are you already in the CAF?  Do you have army experience?  I’ve heard they rarely hire anyone outside CAF and wondering if that still holds true.
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    Waiting Game

    Fathoming a guess - if a person is in good physical shape and smart etc but interviews poorly, I would guess that where having quality discussions with a recruiter could be value. They could talk you into other trades that might be a better fit?  Drop hints as to what to do etc. Since I used...
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    More Insider attacks in Afghanistan

    Very inspiring and important letter in that Twitter post. Thank you.
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    More Insider attacks in Afghanistan

    This is breathtakingly absurd. To have members of “allied” armies constantly do this. https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2018/11/03/politics/north-ogden-mayor-brent-taylor-killed-afghanistan/index.html It’s at this point I’d say, bonjour la visite. Good luck.
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    Application Tactics

    For us older folks (40+) trying to get into Officer roles in the Reserves, I’m wondering if folks have any advice as to career tactics.  Some officer roles are quite competitive to get into. If we get interviewed but not hired, the wait can be another cycle of 4-6 months and beyond. Time is not...
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    Police raid Indian call-centres linked to 'CRA phone scam'

    Wow the first time I read this I thought the police raided an Indian Reserve. I’m thinking golly didn’t know there were call centers tucked away there.  There is a paid service by Jolly Roger telephone company. Look them up on YouTube you will laugh yourself silly.
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    Civilian Medical Records

    If the doctor and or his associates have access to all your information and medical history, they should be able to give the medical opinion required for the application. Good health doesn’t hamper things usually, unless there are inconsistencies or missing details. But where info is missing, it...
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    Expedited Reserve Enrollment (ERE) process [Merged]

    After a medical and interview (same day) I was interviewed for my trade at a unit. I’m wondering what happens if it’s not a fit. Do they send my stuff back up the to brigade and try me in another unit? Also - has anyone learned about the weekend offerings in more detail?  I’m looking to hear...
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    Reserve Training Schedule

    Hey just thought I’d add a post to this as I’m also trying to get some details on course offerings for reserve BMOQ.  I don’t know how long I can really be absent from family life. And wonder what guys do when they start getting flack from the wife Back at home dealing with the kids why they are...