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    Help Identifying Uniform

    the original poster is also advised to try this forum if her/his ?s haven't been fully answered: http://www.network54.com/Forum/28173/ the webmaster has published a couple of books on period uniforms and may be able to assist further; several other authors also post there regularly. battle...
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    List of Canadian Army Ambulance vehicles?

    White halftracks were used in wwii Motor battalions as well - international Harvester models were not widely used by Canadians. Designated M3 in the US forces. Also ued in armoured regiments as armoured ambulances
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    Altered War- The Fall-out From The "Doctered" Photos Begins

    photos of vimy ridge are well known to have had airbursts airbrushed into the sky by lord beaverbrook's "image techs" in 1917.  a famous photo of Aubrey Cosins, VC, has had a beret airbrushed onto his head for publication in the Qor history...(he had been a Highlander of some stripe when an...
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    4GW, Canadian style

    McDonough was on the radio a day or so ago (on the Rutherford show) - she discused some Parliamentary rules had been breached or at least tsome question of procedure had been violated  as pbi suggests, there is probably more to the story then a first glance shows but no doubt probably bathed...
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    Response's To "Ruxted On The Media's Handling Of Cpl. Boneca's Death"

    i have to agree with your plea to th e media to "check this out"; well-done. But "we" are not necessarily tight knit, as that implies *we* are some way a small minority. There are wide gulfs on ocasion between regulars & reserves, infantry & armoured, etc. (except when it counts - on the...
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    Defining the "World wars" after WW2

    U.s. civilians?  few to zero. Have you read much about that war? canadian or U.S. civilians? Few to zero....again, have you read much about that war?  Not trying to c ut you down, but I really think you are not understanding the entirre argument.. a potential target. never panned out...I...
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    Defining the "World wars" after WW2

    you have missed the point entirely - civilian populations were not invilve d in these campaigns to any degree - in the world wars they certanily were.
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    If Hitler was a cat

    your dog is drinking himself to death  ?
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    GG Too Booked for Queen's 80th Birthday

    the school event was apparently a play based on her life, if the Sun today was correct. she wept, reportedly, atthe depiction of her younger days...more important than HM?
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    Mohamed Harkat (merged thread)

    http://migration.ucdavis.edu/rs/more.php?id=158_0_2_0 this is the story of the Indian building the mansion
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    An updated FN (photos]

    like the FN wasn't heavy enough...
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    A question on military historians speaking on war, and never having fought.

    Hugh Henry wrote an excellent pH.D dissertation that became a popular book - his topic was the Calgary regiment at Dieppe, and he gives a very detailed overview of the regiment on the beach, from a complete nominal roll of who was there, which tank they were in, which landing craft their tank...
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    Who Was The Best & Worst Defence Minister? [changed from Liberal DF]

    integration, as we called it, was a perfectly rational idea, it was just poorly implemented. hellyer hasn't helped himself in recent years with his 'out of this world" ideas. Trudeau as defence minister is an interesting notion. He did have military experience...in Canada...when his generation...
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    Osprey's First special service force booklet (Sept 2006)

    Hornd and the other guy published an exhaustive catalog as you no doubt know about Cdn airborne ops since 1942. I just hope the osprey book is a little more interesting than a simple catalog?
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    England Afraid to Fly the Union Jack?

    if an aid society came to Canada in the wake of disaster and flew the Red Crescent, would we be ok with it?
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    CBC - Forum on Afghanistan, Iraq, etc by Foriegn Correspondents

    did they at least have some kind of evidence beyond 10 second sound bites re: the PM wanting to be in "lockstep" with the POTUS? I always thought it was to one's advantage to be in lockstep with one's closest friend and natural ally...?
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    No more patrols for G-Wagons in Afghanistan?

    it seems to me the procurement phase of this acquisition was astonishingly short - how many months was it before the need was identified and the kit appeared in theatre?  would it be correct to say the new government is working faster on these things, or is this merely a coincidence? it seems...
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    Osprey's First special service force booklet (Sept 2006)

    osprey's titles are getting better in quality all the time - if you want to know the SSF truly, though, get the book SUPERCOMMANDOS.
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    as mentioned above, Herbie was created by Bing Coughlin - the word has since been used on occasion in the same manner as Tommy described a British soldier.
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    Im in desperate need. Please HELP

    \ if you love him, marry him. In sickness and in health, in good times and bad....right?