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  1. sharki9876

    How cool is this

    It's a Psyops Loudspeaker, done as part of IA non-lethal effects.
  2. sharki9876

    Purpose of the "Navigate" tab?

    Hello, I'm primarily a user of the Army.ca website. However, maybe I'm just ignorant but I fail to see the difference. When I go into the "Navigate" tab on the top left and select one of the four websites available, all it seems to effectively do is change the background colour of the page...
  3. sharki9876

    Buzzing sound after Howitzer fired

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CSDE_XVNTU I hope I'm allowed to post Youtube videos here. At around the times 8:28 and 9:35, and more later on in the video, there is a distinct buzzing sound after the C3s fire. Anyone know what that might be? It's probably just the wind and I over-analyze...
  4. sharki9876

    I bought the MilTerms and MilQuotes apps

    They're pretty cool. So does that $2.50 I spent translate into some Milpoints or should I just shut up?
  5. sharki9876

    How many LG-1s are in service with the reserves? And where?

    I'm asking because I couldn't find this info online. Also, I'm planning on joining the reserves (artillery) in BC, and I want to know if the C3 will still be there in the next couple years? Thank you, Philip
  6. sharki9876

    Can a reservist possibly get the same training as Reg?

    I've been reading a lot that army reservists get a chopped down version of the Reg forces training program, obviously because its part time. People say you lightly touch on certain things and don't get a lot practice with them, and some things are just left out altogether. For example, since...
  7. sharki9876

    Questions before I join the reserves

    Hi, first time post here. Currently I am outside of Canada for the next few weeks so going to a recruiting office is difficult for me, so I will try to get some answers here. I'm 19, a Canadian citizen, and a high school graduate. I want to join the Army Reserves  as an NCO in a part time...