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  1. Jammer

    NDP does it again.

    OTTAWA -- The NDP is in hot water over an MP's writings that praise communist pacifism and criticize Canada's participation in the First World War. Writing on a left-wing Quebec blog, New Democrat MP Alexandre Boulerice mocked the conflict as "a purely capitalist war on the backs of the...
  2. Jammer

    Who owns what kit?

    Ok...here is a rant. I went into clothing stores yesterday to exchange my OD ECW bib pants for CADPAT ones. Why? All of my ECW kit is CADPAT with the exception of said item and if figured that I could get them exchanged no prob so the remained of my kit is uniformly matched. They were perfectly...
  3. Jammer

    Dodge WC51 Weapons carrier.

    Does anyone have any info if this veh (WC 51 Weapons Carrier specifically) was ever in use by the IDF? Pics would be handy as well. It's for a new model project. Cheers, J.
  4. Jammer

    Military SANDALS, split from Re: Military Scandals

    I thought the thread was Military Sandals...oh well just as dumb.
  5. Jammer

    Is this the beginning of the end of the American empire?

    With the rise of the so called Tea Party, Patriot (private militia) Groups, and the whipping up of near open dissent of the US Federal Government. Could this be the slow decent of the World's remaining Superpower?
  6. Jammer

    New Post Guidelines [Not Site Policy, But a Disagreement]

    Ladies and Gents, After a series of PMs with Petamocto, it would seem that he wishes that ALL serving members of MILNET.ca cease and desist commenting on anything that doesn't directly affect you. If it does, please put a positive spin on it. He want's the CoCs to see that you are a happy and...
  7. Jammer

    Will the War in Afghanistan bring down NATO?

    CTV is running an intersting piece on it's website.
  8. Jammer

    What Veh is this?

    I took this pic about a month ago. It belongs the a US ETT outfit in KC but I don't suspect it is US made.
  9. Jammer

    Canada Day Greetings

    HAPPY CANADA DAY I'm on pre-deployment leave for the next little while, but I wanted to pass on my best for another Grand Canada (Dominion) Day. Jammer Sendz :cdn:
  10. Jammer

    JUSTAS: the project to buy armed Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) UAVs

    CBC is reporting that UAVs (type undetermined), will be responsible for aerial surveillance of Canada's arctic regions. Thoughts?
  11. Jammer

    ANZAC Day

    The sunrise ceremony is in K-Town in about an hour at Fort Frontenac. Aussie coffee all 'round. We will remember
  12. Jammer

    Boeing P-8

    For the Air force types out there: Possible replacement for the Aurora? The Wedgetail might be a good one to have as well. (Aussie AWACS)