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  1. Harris

    Your daily 'thing to be afraid of'

    Or FRENCH Fries or is that FREEDOM Fries?
  2. Harris

    CANFORGEN 040/19 - Patches and T-shirts

    Speaking of T Shirts, what is the (Roundel?) on this Air Force T Shirt? The LCol during the CO/RSM Chat with the A/CDS meeting today.
  3. Harris

    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    I witnessed a judge offer one of my soldiers two choices when found guilty of domestic abuse: Probation or Volunteer to go to Afghanistan. I was like "What?!?!?" Sure enough, the next training night (He was a reservist) I received a memo volunteering to go to Afghanistan. I declined to...
  4. Harris

    General Vance - Inappropriate conduct?

    Except with procurement the way it is, it will take 10 years to purchase them and they can only be repaired in the factory.
  5. Harris

    Wanted CP Gear Stealth Suit top or top & pants sz large

    I've got a XL jacket I'd let go. It is in like new shape. I think I wore it for two weekends. I'd sell it for a fair price (goes for $165 at CP Gear) plus shipping, or make me an interesting trade. (Into IT kit or tools)
  6. Harris


  7. Harris

    OCdt Speaks at Freedom Rally

    Sounds more believable than Maj Gen.  :rofl:
  8. Harris

    New Canadian Shipbuilding Strategy

    But nothing is ever off-the-shelf.  For example Canada has different health and safety requirements so there has to be some modifications to any item of this size and scope.  It's the amount that makes the difference.
  9. Harris

    Can you join while on testosterone replacement therapy?

    OK.  I'll say my bad for the shake your head comment.  Not required.  But you ticked me off with your comment about being too open. "some people are way to open about things.  Answer the questions honestly but sometimes the way a person answers the question can make the difference was all I was...
  10. Harris

    Can you join while on testosterone replacement therapy?

    So your advising people to be less than truthful when applying?  Shake your head.  I've had to deal with troops who were less than truthful and guess how that ended?  A lot of admin and they were either RTU or released.  True story, I had a soldier on two separate Infantry BMQ's, one was...
  11. Harris

    The Post-pandemic Canadian Armed Forces

    Saw the issue with civilians first hand the last couple of months.  High priced help was wondering why none of them were on the calls held after 1600.
  12. Harris

    Boosting wifi range

    I'll second the Alfa products.  I've used a bunch of them and they do work as advertised.  I've taken a single bar connection and turned it into a 3-4 out of 5 one with the directional antennas.
  13. Harris

    Meanwhile back at the perpetually offended tent/Infidel tattoo questions

    Getting a list of everyone who bought these would likely help: http://www.cpgear.com/search/results?query=infidel&commit=search
  14. Harris

    Site blocked

    Chrome with Avast on Windows 10 is GTG.
  15. Harris

    Legal Cannabis Use in the CAF

    The CAF is not seeking an exemption.  So they will have to accept usage and come up with rules and regulations just as for booze.
  16. Harris

    Enrollment: Swearing an Oath or Affirmation [merged]

    Ack, and I agree to your points.  I am the CO and I'd never know that DAOD was in existence.  Haven't heard anyone else in the Brigade mention it either when swearing in.  The Inf Regiments I know use the Colours.  Now I guess Ill have to find a way to get a current picture of the Queen in a...
  17. Harris

    Enrollment: Swearing an Oath or Affirmation [merged]

    I agree the DAOD states what it states. However I'll also argue that if every CO who did not follow to the letter every DAOD and other rules and regulations of the CAF was jacked up for not doing so, there wouldn't be a single one not jacked.  Not saying it's right, but there are a ton of...
  18. Harris

    Enrollment: Swearing an Oath or Affirmation [merged]

    Not true in my Unit.  We do them in front of the Regimental Colours.
  19. Harris

    Illegal Border Crossing into Canada - Asylum Seekers

    Send all of them back to Haiti.  Then tell them to get in line like everybody else if they want to return.