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  1. I_Drive_Planes

    Milpoints bought but not credited

    I bought $10 worth of milpoints today but I see they haven't been credited to my account.  Has anyone else had this happen?  What did you do?
  2. I_Drive_Planes

    Thank you 442 Sqn.!

    http://www.opinion250.com/blog/view/14324/1/search+and+rescue+takes+rest+after+long+night? I doubt that this positive result would have been possible without the crews of Rescue 462 and Rescue 907.  This article really doesn't do it justice (it doesn't even mention the daring night parachute...
  3. I_Drive_Planes

    Quick question about CFRC Vancouver

    Hello, I'm being sworn in at CFRC Vancouver on Wednesday, and on my enrolment letter it says that the ceremony will be held in the Media Room.  Is this up on the (I believe) 8th floor, or is it down at ground level.  Also I'm assuming that I will be reporting to the reception area upstairs in...
  4. I_Drive_Planes

    What to do in Trenton?

    Well I'm off to Aircrew Selection Centre this week  :D After a briefing in Vancouver on Friday I'll be going on to Toronto then Trenton, arriving in the wee hours of Saturday morning.  Aircrew Selection doesn't start until Monday so I'll be basicaly left to my own devices for the weekend (as far...
  5. I_Drive_Planes

    Just missed the deadline, options?

    Hello, I recently submitted my application to the CFRC for ROTP (civU).  My first choice is Pilot, my second is Air Navigator, and my third is Infantry Officer.  A Sgt. from the CFRC called me to say that he received my application today (Monday), but the deadline for ROTP aircrew applicants...
  6. I_Drive_Planes

    Sick Buffaloes

    Well I was supposed to be going for a Buffalo ride tomorrow, for a CASARA training lift.   They called this morning and said they weren't comming because 5 out of the 6 Buffs were unavailable due to mechanical trouble   >:( so they needed to keep the last one in Comox in case something happened...
  7. I_Drive_Planes

    Rememberance Day Rage

    I nearly had a case of Rememberance Day rage today. I was at the Rememberance Day ceremonies today at the cenotaph in Prince George.   During the two minutes of silence this ******* not only answers his cellphone but carries on a full on conversation.   I could feel my cheeks turning red and I...
  8. I_Drive_Planes

    CEOTP Shut down

    Hello, I got a phonecall the other day from a recruiting officer at CFRC Vancouver saying that the CEOTP (which I had applied under as a pilot) was cancelled, and that the decision came down from "The General level". I was just curious if anyone has had a similar experience, and if anyone...