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  1. blackemail

    Army.ca's Server Infrastructure Changes

    Mike, I use 1and1.com for all my domain registration and hosting.  While I don't have the need for dedicated servers, I have never had an issue with their hosting in the 10+ years I have been with them.  I just did a quick check on their physical server hosting and it appears very competitive. ...
  2. blackemail

    Weekly Army.ca Bumper Sticker Prize

    Mike, You inadvertently posted a link to the Dev version of Afghan Ops in your post. Cheers
  3. blackemail

    Extend stays away from the game

    On the plus side, you should have a crap load of medals for CR missed.  :P
  4. blackemail

    New Feature: Daily Challenges

    Mike,  love the game!!  But these daily incentives are killing me.  I barely got any work done all day, I was too busy playing.  ;D