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  1. RCA

    Esprit de Corps lumps reservists with fat cat generals

    Esprit de Corps again proves that they won't let or can't let facts get in the way of a good story. In their Vol 11 issue 7 June 2004 edition they have an article entitled- Money to Burn by Bill Twaito where they proceed to document how reservist have their heads in the trough, the same as the...
  2. RCA

    The Strangulation of the Army Reserves

    This is based on LFWA and WATC with an Artillery flavour, but I'm sure it is the same across the country. I am making points that have been made on other threads, but I would like to tie them together to get the feel of a bigger picture. The Militia is slowing being strangled by policies and...
  3. RCA

    Artillery Day

    But all gunners, serving or retired, I wish all a Happy Artillery Day, 26 May. We celebrate Artillery Day because: Artillery Day is the 26th of May each year. On that day in 1716, King George I issued a Royal Warrant forming the first regular artillery force in Britain. The Royal Regiment of...
  4. RCA

    Where are heading

    I don’t know about you but I am getting tired about threads ultimately lead nowhere. When I joined. you learned by trail and error. You kept your mouth shut and learned from those that had been around for awhile. By watching and learning, I was never steered wrong. Now we have threads about...
  5. RCA

    Company Comander‘s Psalm

    This is to further the education of all you infanteers out there: The FOO is my shepherd: I shall not get lost He findeth me an FUP in green pastures: He leadeth me across the Start Line He resoreth my communications He leadeth me along the Axis of Advace fot the Battalion Commander‘s sake...
  6. RCA

    The Artillery Toast

    I know St Barbara‘s Day has passed but to all the gunners and wanna be gunners out there: May our shots be true & timely And our observation keen; May our bark roll out like thunder In the name of home & Queen; The ranks of tanks & bayonets Take heed of the power of the guns; For all the...
  7. RCA

    Making Do

    I‘ve noticed in the last couple of posts, people going on about what should be replaced and what better systems are avail and that we should have them. I‘m going to generalize here but it seems too me that the instigators and carry ons of these post don‘t have much time in (5-10 yrs or less)...
  8. RCA

    St Barbara‘s Day

    Dec 4 is St Barbara‘s Day and is celebrated by all gunners because she is our patron saint. Barbara was a Greek living in Heliopolis, Egypt in the 3rd or 4th century AD, and converted to Christianity against her father‘s wishes. Some legends say that her father, Dioscorus, presented her...