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  1. Dkeh

    NSA Whistle-blower Ed Snowden

    First Manning, now him? http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20130609/22400623385/nsa-whistleblower-ed-snowden-my-desk-i-could-wiretap-anyone-you-federal-judge-president-us.shtml
  2. Dkeh

    Computer Tips and Tricks

    Hey guys, this is meant to be an area that the computer savvy can share tips, tricks, and other such things with anyone who needs help, has problems, or is just interested in speeding up their PC. I do have an IT background, but for me, computers are a passion and hobby. Over the years, I have...
  3. Dkeh

    Historical Rules / Regulations - Fine the way they are, or archaic and outdated?

    A previous discussion on here (about beards) got me thinking about some of the rules and regulations that the military has. There are many rules and regulations that have deep seated roots that are still in effect today. The goal of this thread is to have a discussion on whether they still...
  4. Dkeh

    What to bring to the Field- Tips and Tricks

    Basically, when I first went to the field, fresh off my infantry course, I brought all the wrong stuff. Over the years, I have collected all sorts of Gucci kit- some needed, some not! What tips / tricks do you have for making a trip to the field more comfortable? - In the summer, unless it gets...