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  1. Bomber for Life

    Ammo Tech Course Dates

    Does anyone know when the next board sits and when the next course for Ammo Tech is running?  I am trying to OT/ CT into the trade and have already met with the BPSO--am just trying to see when it could be.
  2. Bomber for Life

    Tactical Driving Course in Borden???

    Does anyone know what the course code/ name for the Tactical Driving Course in Borden is? I think its called ETAD? Evasive Tactical Advanced Driving????? That right? I have the version of the course that was run down in the US (called somthing else completeley different), and want to have it...
  3. Bomber for Life

    VG 06

    So, its that time of year again. Vigilante Guardian 06 is a month or so away. Who all is going and in what capacity, Gun Number, Number 1. etc.
  4. Bomber for Life

    Hight Res Arty Crest

    Does anyone have a high resolution RCA Crest? I need it for t-shirts silk screening asap. thanks.
  5. Bomber for Life

    Wearing Danners and Magnums when on class A

    Does anyone know how I would go about being authorized to wear either Danners or Magmums while being on Class A? I know that you have to see a MO at NDMC and have a med chit written up normally, but you have to be on a minimum 90 Day Class B or reg force to go to see a MO. Thus, the problem...
  6. Bomber for Life

    TFT's for the C3

    Anyone have, or know where to get a set of curret TFT's for the C3?????
  7. Bomber for Life

    Mechanix Wear's Original Glove

    Anyone tried these? I am looking for a glove for the field that put up with abuse, but I can still write orders and whatnot with.