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    Physical fitness test

    Hi, Im 16 and have my Physical Fitness test on Wednesday. Do I need a parent to come with me? Or they can just drop me off and leave? I have the consent form signed Thank you
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    Teacher Reference

    Hi, for my references I put all 4 as my teachers. I have an appointment on the 17th. When will references be contacted because summer break is coming and there is no other way to contact them during the summer since the contact number is the schools number
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    Signing up for coop but have reference issue

    Hi, I'm 16 and applying for the Candain Armed Forces Coop for next year. The application says that I need to have references that have known me for the last 5 years. I don't have anyone that has known me. The highest I can get is 3-4 years from my highschool teachers. Would that be okay?
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    High School Co-op

    I'm taking 4 credit coop in highschool and was wondering if I can join the reserves and make it my my coop placement. Is this possible?
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    Need help picking courses for my final year of highschool

    I'm picking courses for grade 12 tommorow and need help to find which ones that would be more beneficially if I want to become an artillery soldier. I have math what other courses would you say be a good idea to take? Thank you
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    How strong should you be to be an Artillery Soldier?

    How much weight should I be able to lift if I were to have Artillery as my trade?
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    What math course would be better for Artillery?

    Grade 12 Mathematics for Data Management MDM4U or Foundations for College Mathematics MAP4C