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    Ghost Story about siting machine guns

    I'm trying to track down an article I read online many moons ago. It's a ghost story where a platoon (maybe company?) commander, facing an incipient Soviet attack and who has to site his machine guns, is visited by the ghost of a soldier from the WW1 MG Corps who provides advice. Anybody know...
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    What's the PAM that has callsigns in it?

    Grr. Curse the DIN. I'm trying to find the PAM that has regimental callsigns in it - specifically the Adjt and the R Ops O. I thought it would be in "The Armoured Regiment in Battle" but it isn't, and "The Recce Regiment in Battle" appears to be defunct. Anybody got a reference to the right...
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    Where do the empty mags go?

    Quick question for those In The Know: You're in a firefight, in theatre. You empty a magazine, and change it out for a full one. Where does the empty one go? "Back in your TacVest" is the range solution, not the Real World solution - those are precious seconds wasted. What is current approved...
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    "Black Beret" - the Regimental History of the Windsor Regiment

    Concurrent with the Windsor Regiment's 70th anniversary reunion this past weekend was the release of "Black Beret", the unit's Regimental History book. Written by the same fine gentlemen who wrote the Armour Corps history and (I believe) the South Alberta's history. No library of any student...
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    Maps of Afghanistan

    Trying to get the lay of the land, I stumbled across these: http://www.aims.org.af/maps/national/physical/south_west.pdf http://www.aims.org.af/maps/national/routh_maps/road_network/road_network.pdf The nice thing about these is that they are done up as vectors, not bitmaps - meaning that...
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    Avatar Upload - converts GIF to PNG

    I've just noticed that when avatars are uploaded, they are converted to .png for some reason. This isn't a problem when using Mozilla/Netscape/Firefox and its derivatives as a browser, but IE doesn't seem to render PNG tranparency correctly. My "pennant" avatar currently shows this problem. It...
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    Source for Officer Career Progression Course Prereqisites

    Hrm, several minutes attempting searches have proven fruitless.... Is there a source anywhere which details the prequequisite courses for Officer career progression? IE, "to be promoted Captain you must have X, Y, Z" etc. Tanks, DG
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    8 figure grid map protractor

    Let's say, for purposes of discussion, that I have a map-marking protractor that includes on it a special romer that makes it possible to pull accurate 8-figure grids off either a 1:50k or 1:25k map without needing a magnifying glass. Let's also say that it has an angle scale in both degrees...
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    Precision and Accuracy in the call for fire

    As part of my planning for various Recce tasks, I like to get out representative callsigns (dinky cars, blocks of wood, pinecones) and physically move them around on a sand table, Iltis hood, or other convienent flat surface to see how well the plan flows. I figured I'd get really keen, and...
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    Silver Sword Knot

    So I finally got around to buying the proper sword knot for my sabre from the RCD kit shop, and they sent me two of them - a gold knot (the proper officer's knot) and a silver knot. I've asked a few people what the silver knot is for, but nobody has come up with a definitive answer. So far...
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    Another derailment....

    *sigh* I'm about to lose some friends, I guess, but leadership and morality isn't a popularity contest. Speaking as someone who was in the Regs during the time when that whole Somalia thing happened, I think the decision to disband the Airborne Regiment was entirely appropriate and went a...
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    Making Recce-Observed Faux Fire Missions More Interesting

    I have an idea I want to bounce off some of you FOO-types. As you may (or may not) know, Recce's primary offensive weapon, especially in the defence, is the artillery. Accordingly, we train all our soldiers to be able to call fire missions and correct fire - the idea being that the FOO is both...
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    AGE Questions

    Are there any recruiters lurking in here? Is there an upper age limit on getting into ROTP? I did 4 years at CMR, but never quite finished, and I'm tossing around the idea of finishing school and doing the career right this time. What are the odds on a 35 year old getting accepted into ROTP? DG