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  1. marshall sl

    Regulations for cold weather in dress uniform

    I remember a certain skinny numpty Seaforth Pte. >:D :warstory:
  2. marshall sl

    Wearing an Ancestor's Medals Mega-thread

    It's a lapel pin and it's  a mini version of the medal.  Are you not mounting it for wear? Too many CSC types just hide it away. Mine is mounted with the rest of mine
  3. marshall sl

    Walts, posers & wannabes (merged)

    https://www.facebook.com/kurty.BC .His page has changed
  4. marshall sl

    Correctional Services Canada

    http://forums.blueline.ca/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=16780 have him look here on blueline
  5. marshall sl

    Prairie Prison Inmates to make Remembrance Day Poppies

      I've worked as a CO for 31 yrs and ...yes they all are murderers, rapists and thieves and thugs
  6. marshall sl

    Seaforth Armoury update & new HQ for 39 Canadian Brigade Group.

    but they have to share the messes ugh!
  7. marshall sl

    Bayonet scabbard

    2nd LTs in my day were seen but not heard . I was a Sgt and rarely heard anything intelligent from them,mind you tha was 30 yrs ago.                                                                                                                         
  8. marshall sl

    Bayonet scabbard

    ooo a scary 2nd LT
  9. marshall sl

    Sentinel Magazine

  10. marshall sl

    Walts, posers & wannabes (merged)

    never used a pick handle old boy, just my boot
  11. marshall sl

    Who uses the C8?

    And the Correctional Service of Canada is now using C8s
  12. marshall sl


    remember... welcome to Egypt.Don't drink the water or you will die.
  13. marshall sl

    Being an RCMP Auxiliary Constable while in CAF (merged)

    Auxiliary Policing Program Auxiliary Policing is a way for community members to become actively involved in policing. The program recruits volunteers to work in their own communities in concert with regular RCMP members. Auxiliary Constables (A/Csts) undertake specific training and commit to...
  14. marshall sl

    Being an RCMP Auxiliary Constable while in CAF (merged)

    Where are you? The program and training varies from Division to Division
  15. marshall sl

    Improved Combat Uniform

      welcome to the CAF of the 70s
  16. marshall sl

    RCMP getting new APCs

    they use this in BC
  17. marshall sl

    CF donates vests to Belize military

    Belikan Beer  :cheers:
  18. marshall sl

    Civi Clothes while in Military vehicles

    For what it's worth when I was in Egypt  with UNEF2 only the drivers had to be in uniform the rest of us could wear civvies.
  19. marshall sl

    Dominion of Canada Police

    Dominion Police, 1868-1919 The Dominion Police initially consisted of fewer than a dozen men, whose principal duty was to protect federal government buildings in Ottawa. Duties later included undercover security, the protection of Navy yards and the maintenance of a fingerprinting bureau. The...
  20. marshall sl

    Shit Civilians Say to Veterans

    Civey- 'Hey , where did you park your tank?" Me- "On your car"