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  1. HItorMiss

    Cpl Chris Shallow

    Yesterday Cpl Chris Shallow died of Cancer. He was a first course member of CSOR and a Special Operator since 2006. I had the pleasure of knowing and working with Chris and I can say I will miss him and his humor. Chris got me into proper weight lifting and the use of natural supplements to...
  2. HItorMiss

    Happy Birthday to The Royal Canadian Regiment

    128 yrs young and I must say looking pretty darn good for your age  ;D Pro Patria!
  3. HItorMiss

    BMQ / BMOQ - Personal Electronics during course [MERGED]

    All As of now recruits and Officer Cadets WILL be allowed to have access to their personal electronics (Cell phone, Laptop, IPod etc etc) for the entire course. no longer will they be taken for the first 4 weeks of training and then accessed only on weekends after the 4 week in-doc. Now all...
  4. HItorMiss

    Ack Ack Formation

    Wondering if anyone here knows where the term for Ack Ack came from? A recruit asked an Instructor and he had no clue he asked me and I vaguely remembered something about it being taken from a fighter formation of similar pattern but I'm not 100% either so I thought to ask here. Anyone know...
  5. HItorMiss

    Winnipeg Police Service

    Looking for a contact in the WPS to talk about recruiting and lifestyle etc.... I'm a 12 yr Member of the CF ready to go on to something new, have heard good things about the WPS so I figured I would start my search there. More on my mil quals and service when the contact asks. Thank you to...
  6. HItorMiss

    CFB Montreal phone number

    As the thread title states I'm looking for the general contact number for CFB/ASU Montreal... DND web pages are junk any help would be awesome thank you PS: Yes I could drive into work and use the CSN, and that is a last resort I'm avoiding work as I am on leave
  7. HItorMiss

    Afghanistan's Canadian medical teams

    Little video on the good work our Medics are doing overseas. Sadly the the young boy mentioned in the video died the following day his injuries were just to extensive. Video And some of you may notice a familiar face or two  ;)
  8. HItorMiss

    DHS Releases 5 Terrorists Into U.S. To Test National Security

    WASHINGTON—As part of its routine series of preparedness drills aimed at testing national security, the Department of Homeland Security announced Monday that it had set free the five most deadly foreign terrorists in U.S. custody. "Protecting the American people is our highest priority, so it...
  9. HItorMiss

    Gym in MSG

    Anyone recently back from being in MSG can you please tell me what the gym is like in MSG. I have a friend going on tour and will be in that area on and off and was asking me what the gym was like and since I haven't been there since 2006 when MSG was taken and started being built I couldn't...
  10. HItorMiss

    Happy Birthday Danjanou!

    Happy Birthday old man! What was it like to fight the Dinosaur?  >:D EDIT: And next year I'll even spell your name right on here too  ;D
  11. HItorMiss

    War for grown ups

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rztwss4Tt_c Oh you all gotta see this  :camo:
  12. HItorMiss

    HAppy Birthday Eye in The Sky

    Happy Birhtday Dude!
  13. HItorMiss

    2 yrs and still I can see it all

    So I thought I would put this in History because well it's 2 yrs ago and thus well History.... 2 years ago today in the fields of Panjawi Charles Coy did something worthy of the history books, it made a blind charge (ordered to against both their CO's and OC's Objections) into an enemy...
  14. HItorMiss

    Psychology and the Soldier

    I have been having this discussion for a fairly long time and there really isn't a definitive answer to it but I thought I would put it out for public consumtion. What is it that drives Soldiers (Police, Fireman to a lesser extant and you will see later as to why lesser) to what it is we do...
  15. HItorMiss

    New Governor General Award 's

    Meritorious Service Cross (Military Division) Chief Warrant Officer Robert Michel Joseph Girouard, M.S.C., C.D. (posthumous) Pembroke, Ont. Mentions in Dispatches Captain Hugh Llewellyn Atwell Edmonton, Alta. and Ottawa, Ont. Sergeant Sean Eldon Benedict, C.D. Petawawa, Ont. and...
  16. HItorMiss

    Village Sniper

    Ok some of you might not find this funny... But man I nearly pissed myself http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHYC4ekzg60 "I try shoot you in eye but you move very fast..."
  17. HItorMiss

    Century or Service Program and Award?

    Ok so I did a search and got squat. Anyone know what the heck the Centruy of Serive Program and award is? It comes from the Area Comnd but other then that I don't have clue. I can't find any info on it so if you guys got something it would be helpful.
  18. HItorMiss

    Battle of Panjwai , Legion Article

    Here thought some of you might enjoy the read. The Journalist who wrote the article took great pains to get this right, Talked to every key player and some of the little ones too and then sent what he wrote to them for fact checking. It's as close to being accurate as you are ever going to get...
  19. HItorMiss

    Defence Analyst Sunil Ram

    I was watching CTV Newsnet this afternoon and they had Defence Analysis Sunil Ram on talking about the CC177 arrival and it's sister aircraft impact the CF as well as some other Afghanistan related issues such as the promise to give weapons and equipment to the ANA and the Korean hostage issue...
  20. HItorMiss


    A sad day has occurred my friends...Oakley boy no longer has Oakley's, Yes that is right HoM is now Oakleyless. How did this occur you ask, well it seems someone decided that they liked how I looked in them soooo much that they should have them instead so they walked off with them after I put...