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  1. Bomber for Life

    Cdn Airborne Arty in Afghanistan (from: Airborne Engineers)

    2 RCHA, Y Battery does mantain a large number of jump qualified OP parties and FAC's to deploy with jump coys. It was stood up in 2010. Echo battery also has a troop of 81mm mortars that are designated with jump coy status. But that's only been around since 2011. Is it possible that was what...
  2. Bomber for Life

    Close Protection Training

    Thats not totaly true. You have to be an MP to be POSTED to the CP team, anyone can be selceted for the course. Then they call you up when they need you for a tour or tasking.
  3. Bomber for Life

    AWS Course dates and info please!

    Pretty sure you can go to Trenton too.
  4. Bomber for Life

    Ammo Tech Course Dates

    I just found that on CFSAL course calendar and was going to post it in case anyone else searched it. You beat me too it.  :salute: thanks for the reply.
  5. Bomber for Life

    Time Away

    I hate to be this guy, and i really dont want to seem negative here. But if you are already worried about time away from home and family. Perhaps the forces is not the carreer choice for you. but to answer better, You could move into a permanate home with your GF, usually after BMQ 13 weeks...
  6. Bomber for Life

    Ammo Tech Course Dates

    Does anyone know when the next board sits and when the next course for Ammo Tech is running?  I am trying to OT/ CT into the trade and have already met with the BPSO--am just trying to see when it could be.
  7. Bomber for Life

    Work Full time, Basic Training Days

    Usually, you can do BMQ, and sometimes even SQ on the weekend. However, ALL trade courses are done on a full time basis in the summer.
  8. Bomber for Life

    Tactical Driving Course in Borden???

    Yep! thats the course!!!! ok thanks.
  9. Bomber for Life

    Accomodations while attending Algonquin College?

    Yes, you can apply for lodging at the res at algonquin. NO your girlfriend cannot live with you. The CF wont pay for that. Your best bet is to look at sef-help housing at uplands if you want to live with her. I assume you are going Geo?
  10. Bomber for Life

    Tactical Driving Course in Borden???

    Does anyone know what the course code/ name for the Tactical Driving Course in Borden is? I think its called ETAD? Evasive Tactical Advanced Driving????? That right? I have the version of the course that was run down in the US (called somthing else completeley different), and want to have it...
  11. Bomber for Life

    BMQ jan 19th at connaught ranges (west ottawa)

    I am teaching on it. You can wear them as long as the staff don't notice the difference. But now that you mentioned it, I am going to look. lol
  12. Bomber for Life

    Innis and Apperley. Where are you???

    and he is a Sgt now.
  13. Bomber for Life

    Innis and Apperley. Where are you???

    Is that Headly?
  14. Bomber for Life


    That is where the author/cartoonist came up with the name of the character, from the horse bit thing. Some of the old, old, old, school non-artillery types still call us arty types Herbie.
  15. Bomber for Life

    VG 06

    So, its that time of year again. Vigilante Guardian 06 is a month or so away. Who all is going and in what capacity, Gun Number, Number 1. etc.
  16. Bomber for Life


    Actually, a Herbie was the silver bit of the bridle that was in the mouth of the hourses back in the day when all Artillery was Horse Artillery. It was coined by the British infantry as an insult to the Artillery. :salute:
  17. Bomber for Life

    30th unit

    I'm in it too as are a few other members on this forum. As a matter of fact, there has been an Arty Unit in Ottawa for over 151 years. Whats the guys name?
  18. Bomber for Life

    Air Defence Units New Role?

    You didn't understand what I meant, I didn't mean that they arn't smart enough to do it, I just meant that getting the courses together, peoples timetables, schedules, for all the required courses and actually running them will take years.
  19. Bomber for Life

    Air Defence Units New Role?

    What a logistical and training nightmare, imagine all the troops, #1's, 2iC's, TSM, GPO, etc. to have to train. Its going to take them years to get up to speed.
  20. Bomber for Life

    Hight Res Arty Crest

    common now!!!!! You know I don't have access to the DIN from here!!!!! ???