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  1. Hax24

    Reserve BMQ

    I am applying to the Reserves in the Hamilton area. I was told that I will get a job offer from my Reserve unit in the next few weeks. I had been told that training would either begin in September or January, but recently someone told me that I might be asked to do BMQ this summer. Is summer BMQ...
  2. Hax24

    Gap Year

    The Royal Australian Navy had a gap year program which stopped running this year, in which participants would spend a year aboard a ship learning about all of the different trades and gaining experience and knowledge about life in the Navy. Is there a program like that in Canada? I couldn't find...
  3. Hax24

    Two Jobs At Once

    Is it allowed for someone to join both the army and navy reserves at the same time, if the training does not interfere with each other? Has this ever been done before?
  4. Hax24

    How Many Years of Experience?

    I am currently applying to the reserves, and i am wondering what is acceptible to count as "experience" when I tell people how long I have been in the reserves. Does "experience" count the time spent in BMQ? For example, if I began BMQ tomorrow, could I say in a year from now that I have a year...
  5. Hax24

    Cdn Airborne Arty in Afghanistan (from: Airborne Engineers)

    One of my friends has a cousin who is a Seargent in artillery, not sure which unit, though. He has airborne training and is in a makeshift unit with a few other airborne-trained artillerymen, and they have parachuted numerous times on tour in Afghanistan with pieces of artillery for quick...
  6. Hax24

    Intelligence Reserve

    Does anyone have experience in the Intelligence Reserve? Specifically 2 Intelligence Company in Toronto. I'm just wondering what kind of training they do on parade nights? Do they do any infantry-type training or weapons handling? Sorry if those aren't the correct terms, I'm just applying to the...
  7. Hax24

    Deploying as a Reservist

    Hello, this is my first post and I'm not sure if this is the correct section, but I could not find one directly pertaining to my question. I have just applied to the Army Reserves, and I am curious about the process for a Reservist wishing to deploy somewhere? If I am accepted, I would not be...