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    Failed Relationships after Deployments - Sound OFF!

    I guess I will be the contrarian here; take the time to decide what you really want. And if you want to try and save things then go full steam ahead and try to save them. Sometimes it works. If not then I hope things work out for you however you want them too; make sure you look out for...
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    Redress of Grievance – Mega thread [MERGED]

    PMedMoe and 284_226, thank you for the info, it's a big help. Spud
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    Redress of Grievance – Mega thread [MERGED]

    I have read (several times) the pertinent info on filing a grievance, so if the format/makeup/composition of the grievance is there I have missed it. Is it supposed to be in the form of a memo? Any ideas?  Thanks in advance, Spud
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    A bit about me

    Don't apologize for your English, at least you are trying. Congratulations on your determination, just stick to it and good things will happen. spud
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    New Member with a Question

    I could be wrong but I believe the recruiting officer has the ability to grant you an Enhanced Reliablity to get your application going and get you enrolled. However, me thinks you wouldn't get too far or have too many options in the military with only an ER clearance. Spud
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    St Jean Question.

    I am already feel sick thinking of basic training again. Um, if you did basic in '97 why are you doing it again? Note to self: No more posting after six big glasses of Gibsons...............
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    Clothing Stores - Timings / Hours of Operation

    Sorry, don't agree with that one. I've always gotten what I need from supply, same for my wife. If they don't give it to you, you're probably not entitled to it or they don't have it. spud
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    Airforce berets in Belgian style?

    Not 100% but the kit shop at CFSAL sells them as well me thinks. spud
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    PRETC thread (merged)

    Thought I would re-visit this after starting on PRETC last Monday. I was in for eight years before so my insight comes from one who's been through the process. The NCO's at  PRETC have the most patience I have ever seen...period, and they manager to maintain a sense of humor.  For those who...
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    Cap Badge while on training

    Yes Vern, same cap badge, only difference is the log cap badge was metal when I picked it up back in the day. No slight against those who are waiting to earn a badge, but I thought I earned the right to wear something other then a recruit badge after serving 8 years already. Getting back in...
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    Cap Badge while on training

    Quick question: I'm a recruit school bypass, 8 years previous service, awaiting training right now in a log trade: previously, I was TQ3 qualified in a log trade, then later TQ5 qualified in a naval trade. Upon initial issue of my gear the other day I was given the cornflake. I understood...
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    FSM is back?

    Looks like a girl I went out with in High School.....once    :-X potato
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    CFLRS Info

    My giggle for the day, thanks. Too funny!
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    CFLRS Info

    .....getting annoyed Gunner? Not that there is any sarcasm in your posts  :) potato
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    T.O. judge orders Christmas tree out of lobby

    I don't think so George.... :o http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/World/2006/12/08/2687318.html
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    Gagetown soldiers charged with drug trafficking

    If any of them weren't dealing but still knowingly in the company of drug users or traffickers, then they are guilty of "serial stupidity". No less a crime then trafficking in my book. potato
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    Gagetown soldiers charged with drug trafficking

    Dude, when's the last time somebody got life for drug offences?
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    Gagetown soldiers charged with drug trafficking

    Or.....well done to those who investigated and brought charges to bear. Taking out the trash is a good thing. potato
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    BMQ January 15th - Saint-Jean

    <snicker, snicker>
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    Warning for Kingstonians

    That bites, sorry to hear about your troubles. Hope they catch them. potato