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  1. J

    Marathon Training during BMOQ

    CONGRATS on your qualification , what an achievement , i had the honor to run the marathon in 2016 . Unfortunately I have no insight but hope it all works out and your able to do both .
  2. J

    AESOp ( MOC 081)

    Thanks Eye In The Sky :) I am EXTREMELY excited about the opportunity, being Airborne and the trade in general . This forum had been a great help with educating me on what to expect (name is just a play on a family name ;))
  3. J

    AESOp ( MOC 081)

    Defiantly understand , i miss typed ( hoping they will hire more people this year into the trade )
  4. J

    AESOp ( MOC 081)

    I just recently got added to the competition list for AES Op , reading this I am excited to hear of the changes and new opportunities available, hoping this will increase the number of people hired this upcoming fiscal year :)
  5. J

    Looking for a workout buddy in Halifax ?

    Keeping quite busy with workouts these days anticipating a possible offer , weight lifting 4 times a week , roller derby twice a week and I hit up a crossfit community class on Saturday mornings looking to change things up a bit and possibly find a workout buddy in Halifax , if your interested...
  6. J

    Selection Dates 2013-2018

    Hi there Any idea for the next selection dates for AESOP? Thanks Recruiting centre: Halifax Regular/ Reserve: NCM Regular Trade choice 1: AESOP Trade choice 2: Trade Choice 3: Online Application Date: Aug 2018 First contact from CFRC Halifax: Aug 2018 All Forms Handed In: Aug 2018 CFAT...