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  1. Privateer

    Field of Fire: Diary of a Gunnery Officer by Jack Swaab

    My uncle, Jack Swaab, was a FOO with the British Artillery in WW2.  He kept a diary throughout that time and ended up publishing a book, Field of Fire: Diary of a Gunnery Officer.  I thought that it would be of interest to the history buffs on here, in particular those with an interest in...
  2. Privateer

    Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ship AOPS

    I wonder whether a version of this does or could exist to allow a submarine to "see" its immediate surroundings if operating close to objects such as the ocean floor or ice, etc.
  3. Privateer

    Snowbird Jet Crashes Into House in Kamloops- May 17 2020

    Mods, perhaps this goes to Thoughts and Prayers? Captain Richard MacDougall: Injured pilot makes first public appearance per: CFJC today: https://cfjctoday.com/2020/05/22/injured-pilot-makes-first-public-appearance/?fbclid=IwAR3qDCpsf1Tj7zGIcqDMk6KsghqydPwiz1khej5XGooymvMAfPUMuhm3Umw Photos...
  4. Privateer

    Helicopter working with HMCS Fredericton missing?

    And another news outlet says its a Sea King, but that's not reported by others.  Some news sources may be engaging in speculation.  I think we are at that initial stage where we now wait for reliable information to come in. 
  5. Privateer

    Helicopter working with HMCS Fredericton missing?

    From CBC News Twitter: CBC cites Greek state television for the following:
  6. Privateer

    HMCS Calgary CO & XO Relieved Of Duty- January 2020

    Per Times Colonist: link: https://www.vancourier.com/2.2065/change-in-command-for-hmcs-calgary-another-officer-disabled-ship-s-smoke-detector-1.24065570
  7. Privateer

    Chief Military Judge Col Mario Dutil Charged

    Here is a provision from the BC Provincial Court Act that would be a good addition to the National Defence Act to address this type of situation:
  8. Privateer

    Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ship AOPS

    VT Halter Reveals New [U.S.] Coast Guard Icebreaker Details May 8, 2019 by Mike Schuler Link: https://gcaptain.com/vt-halter-coast-guard-icebreaker-details/?fbclid=IwAR1Ul2_4cpvBMPbtJNamNF_OjfxOHnl78RJpIp_H_OqXrU4q6uTp3pbaGhw Summary of ship:
  9. Privateer

    VAdm Norman - Supply Ship contract: Legal fight

    Slight tangent:  What coat is the Vice Admiral wearing in this photo from a recent news article?  I am not familiar with an (authorized) RCN greatcoat with shoulder boards.
  10. Privateer

    Engine room fire onboard HMCS HALIFAX

    And now in TORONTO.  Quoted from a Tweet by MARLANT: Twitter: https://twitter.com/RCN_MARLANT/status/1057684686544273409
  11. Privateer

    Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ship AOPS

    I ask because I had a "minor warship" bridge watch keeping certificate, which was good for an MCDV but not a CPF, so I am curious as to whether an MCDV BWK would be able to stand watch on the A/OPS (after appropriate qualification and CO's confidence etc).
  12. Privateer

    Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ship AOPS

    Is the A/OPS classified as a "major" or "minor" warship by the RCN?  (Or is that distinction gone now?)
  13. Privateer

    Canadian Surface Combatant RFQ

    I was interested to see that Australia has also gone with the Type 26 for its next class of frigates.  Interesting that there could be a near-common CAN/AUS/UK frigate class.  All the better for inter-ally posting experiences!
  14. Privateer

    VAdm Norman - Supply Ship contract: Legal fight

    Ontario has two provincial trial courts.  The "lower" level trial court is the Ontario Court of Justice. There are no jury trials in that court.  The "superior" level trial court is the Superior Court of Justice, which can have trials with or without juries. The Ontario Court of Justice is...
  15. Privateer

    US versus NATO

    "There's a mole, right at the top of the Circus.  He's been there for years."
  16. Privateer

    Kingston Class 40MM replacement?

    Bumping this as I'm curious as to how (or if) this is progressing.  Thanks.
  17. Privateer

    Divining the right role, capabilities, structure, and Regimental System for Canada's Army Reserves

    From Canadian Forces twitter feed today: https://twitter.com/CanadianForces/status/1004453419250307072 With a link to "Defence Investment Plan 2018": https://www.canada.ca/en/department-national-defence/corporate/reports-publications/defence-investment-plan-2018/planned-expenditures.html Does...
  18. Privateer

    AOR Replacement & the Joint Support Ship (Merged Threads)

    Recent photos of Asterix departing Halifax for RIMPAC show her flying the "Blue Ensign" (CFAV Jack) as her actual ensign.
  19. Privateer

    Royal Canadian Air Force headed to mission in Africa ‘very soon’: top general

    Canada sending troops to UN peacekeeping mission in Mali Link to CBC article: http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/canadian-peacekeeping-mission-mali-1.4580482 Excerpt: