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  1. Babbling Brooks

    'Did we push her too much?' Article on Major Michelle Mendes

    BruceR at Flit had some interesting commentary on this issue: http://www.snappingturtle.net/flit/archives/2009_06_22.html#006453 And I've weighed in myself at The Torch: http://toyoufromfailinghands.blogspot.com/2009/06/straw-and-camels-back.html I didn't know Maj Mendes.  But as someone who...
  2. Babbling Brooks

    Afghanistan Photo War

    There's a NATO subordinate command sponsoring a video contest for troops who have served in Afghanistan (in uniform now, or retired). http://toyoufromfailinghands.blogspot.com/2009/06/contest.html
  3. Babbling Brooks

    Soldiers raise almost US$6,000 in Father's Day charity run in Kandahar

    29 minutes?  In full gear?  Geez. :salute: I'd be running all out to get that done in just running shoes and a t-shirt. BZ to all involved!
  4. Babbling Brooks

    FWSAR (CC130H, Buffalo, C27J, V22): Status & Possibilities

    MCG, that's freakin' BRILLIANT.  I'm stealing the line and using it on whomever will listen...
  5. Babbling Brooks

    Damian Brooks, founder of "The Torch" blog, to Afstan

    Thanks for the plugs, Mark. I was lucky enough to get out on a patrol from the KPRT to do a village assessment at a town whose unpronounceable name was shortened by the troops to "Double K," and then to Dand District Centre for a shura before riding with the rear air sentry in the LAV on the...
  6. Babbling Brooks

    Afghan Rapes & Canadian Soldiers' Duty

    More from Rick Westhead at TorStar, and my response to it at The Torch.
  7. Babbling Brooks

    Tory minority in jeopardy as opposition talks coalition. Will there be another election?

    When we received the e-mail, we asked the author's permission to publish it.  When that was given, we published the letter in its entirety, holding back the names of those to whom it was addressed as well as the author's name, at his request. It seems that CP also got a copy of the letter, and...
  8. Babbling Brooks

    Tory minority in jeopardy as opposition talks coalition. Will there be another election?

    One of my colleagues at The Torch received a passionate expression of opinion on this political situation of ours in an e-mail from a retired VAdm.  We've published it with that gentleman's permission: That's just part of it - RTWT here...
  9. Babbling Brooks

    Cdr Ted Simmons, DSO, DSC

    I searched Simmons' name and couldn't find anything, so you have my apologies if this has been posted about previously... Cdr Simmons won the DSO and DSC for his actions in sinking two different submarines in WWII.  He's a genuine Canadian naval war hero.  Unfortunately, his medals are going up...
  10. Babbling Brooks

    Governor General Announces Latest Valour Awards

    I must admit I found it odd to see two HCols on one honours announcement.  But while I can't speak to Marr's award, Goldring's work to create Canada Company should receive some sort of recognition. The scholarship fund is quite welcome.  Canada Company members were also instrumental in making...
  11. Babbling Brooks

    Reservists in AFG

    It seems to me that a lot of the discussion surrounding the reserves focuses on achieving efficiency.  I'm not sure that's really what we need in a Reserve Force.  U.S. Army Colonel H.R. McMaster isn't addressing that issue specifically, but this passage from his latest paper seems applicable to...
  12. Babbling Brooks

    How MSM are Preparing (or Not) for 100th Fallen

    I'm fully in agreement with you on that point, Kirkhill - it irks me too.  But the only way to fix that is to take away their gov't funding, because there's no way to completely remove their individual or institutional biases from their reporting.
  13. Babbling Brooks

    How MSM are Preparing (or Not) for 100th Fallen

    A big thanks to Tony for bringing this piece to our attention.  While I wrote about this over a month ago at The Torch, a look into the journalists' rationale is useful. A big thanks to Kirkhill for laying out a good argument in such a concise way, as well.  I've responded at length over at The...
  14. Babbling Brooks


    My buddy John followed up, and was able to get some questions about the LW50 answered by a Major from the office that developed the weapon for the U.S. Army.  Questions about durability were addressed, as well as concerns about ammo weight.  Worth reading...
  15. Babbling Brooks


    I found some interesting information on the Lightweight .50-Caliber machine gun being developed for the U.S. military: It will weigh less than 65lbs, including tripod and traversing and elevation mechanism, which makes it more portable than a normal .50 cal. And because it's designed to absorb...
  16. Babbling Brooks

    "Nothing secret about Chinook training"

    Fisher is a Ross Munro award winner - so I doubt it's simple ignorance.  Especially since the news was reported in his own CanWest chain of newspapers in April of this year. I'd suggest he either threw that in there in order to get some attention from the editors for this piece (every newspaper...
  17. Babbling Brooks

    CF UAV, Chopper Ann't 7 Aug 08

    Exactly.  And as for the Polish choppers, I've been told that offer was really more symbolic than anything: extra hours the Poles weren't using on helos that aren't even flying out of KAF.  A nice gesture, and welcome, but not really too useful. The lease is a stop-gap.  And remember, from the...
  18. Babbling Brooks

    CP: CF Strategic Advisory Team-AFG Standing Down

    FYI, it looks as though most of the work on the new 'civilianized' SAT will be contracted out.  I did a bit of digging for a piece I wrote at The Torch, and found an outfit called CANADEM that seems to fit the profile (you can follow the link for a bit more detail).  When I asked some contacts...
  19. Babbling Brooks

    Afghan Rapes & Canadian Soldiers' Duty

    I've followed this thread with great interest, and must compliment many of those who have posted excellent arguments here.  Like all of you, I read of the rape of a young boy, and was deeply affected by it.  I have a young son myself, and cannot help empathizing -  for more than a day, I...
  20. Babbling Brooks

    The Integrated Soldier System Project (ISSP)

    I just did a piece about this at The Torch.  Not sure how many of you know, but PWGSC put out an Opportunity Abstract on MERX about a month and a half ago called "DEVELOPMENT OF TECHNOLOGIES FOR IMPROVING SOLDIER MOBILITY." They specifically mentioned exoskeletons and "smart materials" in the...