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    Potential offers

    I'd call I was told the same thing I waited a few months called and a week later I got my offer
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    February 18 2019 bmq

    Is anyone else starting bmq February 18?
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    infantry basic questions. (Housing, car etc)

    From my understanding you can either live on base or off that's up to you I start basic feb 18 yes you can bring your own vehicle I m bringing mine for my own convenience And for Q3 I can't help you I'm sure if you ask your recruiter they can help you figure it out
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    Injury Prior to Enrollment

    Good day first time posting. So I had my medical and interview aug 13 all went fine needed another hearing test which I passed today. My question is I recently torn my distal tendon in my arm had surgery to put it back together healing time will be 3-4months I was told I could be sent off to BMq...