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  1. dangerboy

    Soldier Operational Clothing and Equipment Modernization

    The second option is the Nordic Mesh and is designed for when you are doing high-intensity activity such as pulling a toboggan. It is really good at wicking the moisture away from the skin to another layer. It is also good for when you layer it with either the lightweight or midweight thermals (...
  2. dangerboy

    What book are you reading now?

    The sequel "Intrepid's Last Case" is also interesting, dealing with the Igor Gouzenko defection among other things.
  3. dangerboy

    RCAF Flight Suit (ALSE) - Split from VAdm Norman

    The tan leg patches are for modular attachments that you can wear on either leg or not wear depending on your task. An example would be the leg clips, currently some people use them while others don't and end up removing them. They could be on a modular panel so if you want them you could put...
  4. dangerboy

    RCAF Ball Cap

    Where are people getting the idea that Logistik Unicorp is going to start issuing the ball cap from? I have talked to people in DAR about the cap and they never mentioned it being part of the upcoming combats online (OCFC2 contract).
  5. dangerboy

    New Crown

    To be honest what the inside of a passport looks like doesn't bother me. I don't think I have ever looked beyond the page with my information and picture on it. I could not tell you what was on the other pages.
  6. dangerboy

    Travel Options, Getting from Port Elgin to Trenton

    Be advised that due to the strike a lot of bases currently are not offering transient quarters for non-operational stays.
  7. dangerboy


    Just to add to Rifleman62 said, while you hear people say CD1 or CD2 it is not correct. Canadian Forces' Decoration (CD) - Canada.ca Post-nominals Members may use the post-nominal letters "CD". The post-nominals are not affected by the award of clasps.
  8. dangerboy

    2023 Canadian Armed Forces General and Flag Officer senior promotions and appointments

    According to the latest news release Major-General M.H.L. Bourgon has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-General and remains Acting Chief Military Personnel and Acting Commander Military Personnel Command (CMP/CMPC), in Ottawa. Chief of the Defence Staff announces first 2023 Canadian Armed...
  9. dangerboy

    Updated Army Service Dress project

    I do find that when they changed the footwear a number of years ago the newer boots and oxfords are a lot harder to shine than my older footwear. I don't know why the newer footwear is harder to get a good shine with but if we do get new footwear just make sure it is made of a material that can...
  10. dangerboy

    Canada's tanks

    I can remember Fridays used to be maintenance day and all of 2 PPCLI was formed up for BN parade in coveralls. It was a bit silly but it set the message that the CO took maintenance of the M113s and other vehicles and equipment seriously.
  11. dangerboy

    Updated Army Service Dress project

    I know you are joking but there it is part of Canadian Army dress orders: Canadian Army Dress Instructions - Canada.ca
  12. dangerboy

    JTF2 Officer?

    Yes see this web page for some general info: Joint Task Force 2 - Canada.ca
  13. dangerboy

    Canada's tanks

    My advanced gunnery course ran by the Armoured school we wore coveralls whenever we were on the LAVs for those reasons.
  14. dangerboy

    Updated Army Service Dress project

    It is not the regiment's birthday on 17 March, the Regimental birthday is on 10 Aug. 17 March is Regimental Day it is in honour of the birthday of Princess Patricia of Connaught, later Lady Patricia Ramsay. They are wearing the flashes so are a few other units
  15. dangerboy

    Canada's tanks

    I am guessing for the RCEME school to train their maintainers on.
  16. dangerboy

    Question About Medallion (?) - Francis Pegahmagabow

    Found the answer as to what the medallion is. Of course, the answer just leads to more questions :) According to this website (Medal Hound) it is the Queen Victoria Coronation Medallion issued to celebrate the coronation of Queen Victoria, which took place June 28, 1838. It does not say why...
  17. dangerboy

    Question About Medallion (?) - Francis Pegahmagabow

    Looking for some help in identifying the medallion(?) that then Cpl Francis Pegahmagabow (1st Canadian Infantry Battalion) is wearing just underneath his medals (Military Medal with 2 bars, 1914-15 Star, British War Medal, and Victory Medal). You only see him wearing it in this picture. In all...
  18. dangerboy

    Recommended DLN courses

    You can't take specific courses like PLQ on your own you have to be course loaded on them by usually your career manager. Most of the time for DLN courses you will be told you must take a course, such as Security Awareness, or if you have anything to do with budget, Expenditure Management.
  19. dangerboy

    Updated Army Service Dress project

    The army is not transitioning to Multicam, it will be adopting CADPAT Multi-Terrain (MT). The pattern is different from Multicam Canada Adopts CADPAT-MT Camouflage - Soldier Systems Daily