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  1. oyaguy

    U.S. Army Says 5.56mm Is Adequate

    Interesting topic. I don't often comment since I really don't know much about military topics in general. One thing that did catch my eye though were comments about bullpup rifles. Whatever the merits of such a design, keeping bayonet fighting in mind when designing a rifle would just be dumb...
  2. oyaguy

    "Over There" TV Series (Merged Topic)

    Funny thing. "Stargate SG-1" is the only television show, endorsed by the US military. In fact, real military personal have appeared on the show (like high ranking generals).
  3. oyaguy

    Brits getting Wobbly on A'Stan

    Given their performance in Chechnya, that might be kind of amusing.
  4. oyaguy

    Urban vs Rural recruits. Do similar patterns exist in Canada?

    I wonder when people say Urban/Rural, we really mean Richer versus not so Rich. I know for a fact, that Albertans make up about 9% of the Canadian population and have the highest GDP per Capita in Canada. Albertans make up about 5 % of the CF. I don't know the exact percentages, but...
  5. oyaguy

    CF-188 Hornet, Canada's jet fighter

    A tad alarmist wouldn't you say?
  6. oyaguy

    CF-188 Hornet, Canada's jet fighter

    I know for a fact that both the F-18 and the F-16 were developed in response to the big costs of developing the F-14 and the F-15. Both the US Navy  and the US Air Force got a supremely capable aircraft, but also an expensive aircraft. To equip all their fighter squadrons would have cost too...
  7. oyaguy

    British MP: Canada complicit in Iraq war

    I must be the only one who thinks this, but I think that is a little unfair to Ms. Parrish. She shot herself in the foot an alarming number of times and embarassed herself, and the Liberals (when she was a member), But I honestly cannot mentally equate Carolyn Parrish with George Galloway. So...
  8. oyaguy

    would canada have join if....

    You're right but the operating procedure so far is that the Americans have been patrolling the riskiest portions of Iraq. The rest of Iraq is not without danger, but to a lesser degree. You're remarks about the various UN resolutions are correct. Though in the case of Kosovo, NATO intervention...
  9. oyaguy

    The First World War by John Keegan

    The First World War by John Keegan is probably the definitive general study of the First World War. I can't read anything the remotely mentions the First World War without: A) John Keegan's work being mentioned. This applies to his work in general. B) Thinking what lazy thinking has gone into...
  10. oyaguy

    would canada have join if....

    Interesting. I remember reading (cite sources, I believe it was in the CNN war section of their website), that the casualty rates were worse in Afghanistan. This was a while ago so things probably have changed. So if we had in fact ended deploying troops in Iraq, we could theoretically have had...
  11. oyaguy

    The Seal Hunt Mega-Thread

    Good book. In it was an interesting personal anecdote by Mr. Diamond on tasty lion meat. What Mr. Diamond was getting at is that exclusively carnivorous animals are not inherently less edible, but an animal that is worth raising (over a 100, 150lbs I recall) is all too capable of turning the...
  12. oyaguy

    Americans Late to Major Ground Combat in WWII?

    My whole argument of major ground combat against the Main Enemy on the Main Front. Japan wasn't the main enemy, and the defence of Hong Kong, was definitely a sideshow, even in the fight against the Japanese. In the actual circumstances the Hong Kong commitment accomplished nothing, except the...
  13. oyaguy

    Americans Late to Major Ground Combat in WWII?

    Yes, we need to overanalyse it. That's history. You get your synthesis a few years after the fact, and then a few decades later, you redo it all over again and on and on and on. As for Hong Kong, I didn't forget it, it just didn't really seem a serious challenge to my argument.
  14. oyaguy

    Americans Late to Major Ground Combat in WWII?

    I'm not trying to belittle anyone. There's simply no ignoring the fact though, that no matter how successful the Western Allies  are in the side shows, they still weren't going to knock out Germany from the war. Yeah, the Italian campaign liberated Italy and knocked Italy out of the war, but it...
  15. oyaguy

    Americans Late to Major Ground Combat in WWII?

    Good point about the Luftwaffe. However, I kind of choose to ignore that in my original. While airpower in World War II made a major contribution, in terms of production, anti-aircraft, fighter aircraft deployed, etc... it still wasn't going to win the war by itself. The bombing campaign was a...
  16. oyaguy

    Americans Late to Major Ground Combat in WWII?

    Hmmm, nice title. Hooked me straight away. An argument can be made that all of the western allies were late for major ground combat. Think about. Whatever date any of the western allies got into the game, it wasn't until June 6 1944, that the western allies were finally operating in a major...
  17. oyaguy

    CADPAT & MARPAT (and "did the americans copy off our new desert camo?")

    I'm kind of curious about black in camouflage. I know a lot of natural predators use black, but people aren't deer, or colour blind. So maybe not using black would be a good idea if the human eye is attracted to black like Blackhorse 7 mentions. I don't know where I heard/read this{I didn't...
  18. oyaguy

    Good news for CSE (= good news for CF)

    I wouldn't say we really know more about JTF 2 and CSIS. I personally know they exist, everything else is conjecture. I've NEVER heard of this CSE. Not that really means anything.
  19. oyaguy

    CADPAT & MARPAT (and "did the americans copy off our new desert camo?")

    I don't know anything about anything when it comes to camoflage, but don't tigers have black stripes to help break up their shape? That's an example of "natural camoflage".
  20. oyaguy

    Grammar and Sentence Structures

    You're kind of correct, except the surname, Jones, always has the S. So to indicate the possessive, in English, we add an apostrophe S. But it looks weird having the S back to back. I personally prefer Jones' just for brevity and the fact it looks more even. Some would disagree. I also think...