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    Fast food newsletter: Belleville burger joint "best independent"

    Ben's...Chatham New Brunswick back in the day...nothing like staggering out of the 'Hooper' at zero dark 30 over to Bens for a half dozen sliders and eating them all the while staggering back to the single quarters on base....  ;D
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    Camp Ipperwash Accident?

    I was with 1RCR in London at the time. I was doing part of my pre ISCC in Ipperwash shortly after that (Juneish). Think I vaguely remember hearing about that accident.
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    Being for fired or let go for enlisting?

    Not to blame the victim(s), but shouldn't one keep that conversation outside of work?...why Mike? perhaps it was just a conversation with a buddy during coffee/lunch break? "Hey Johnny, guess what? Keep it under yer hat, but I'm applying for the military." As noted earlier, maybe some ass-hat...
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    My time as an English soldier in Quebec City

    niner-dom, a snr nco clerk  got a CC RSS position in her primary language (her last after 22+regs) posting to NCSM JOLLIET (she's an Acadienne from the north shore of NB). Being a snr nco medic, I Couldn't get a position myself with the regs there, so after 24+ years I released out of gag town &...
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    Mandatory Voting op-eds - National Post

    'To really be fair; there must be something that you agree with.  If not, what are you doing here (in this province/country)?  Go some place that you find more agreeable.  If you disagree, and want change; not saying anything/voting is not going to affect change.  Apathy is the only word for it...
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    Mandatory Voting op-eds - National Post

    'There IS the option of declining your ballot (IE, going to the polling station, receiving it, and immediately handing it back) which forces the government to include it as "declined" in its official count. I'd say that's a better way of showing disagreement with all the available options, since...
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    What's the dumbest thing you heard said today?

    and certain government 'language laws' &  'charter of values' tells us what about ourselves?
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    Retired Soldier Who Died Christmas Day Committed Suicide, Husband Contends

    thinking your right Moe; I retired a sgt medic after +24 in 06 with $1, 170 give or take
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    light brown shirt and trousers?

    had a pair of those shoes from my tour in Cyprus back in 84. Just threw them out on our last move in 010
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    Fallen Comrades (retired members)

    Dorman K. Clarke, March 26, 1965 – March 12, 2014, Aged 48 years It is with a heavy heart that the family of Dorman Clarke announce his sudden passing on March 11, 2014 due to a tragic car accident in Fort McMurray. Dorm leaves behind his best friend and his partner in life Wife Cavell ( Oke...
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    Fallen Comrades (serving Canadian military)

    sorry Kirsten, I had heard Dan had put up the uniform a couple years ago.
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    Fallen Comrades (serving Canadian military)

    KIEFFER, Daniel Thomas With great sadness the family announces that on Saturday, March 22, 2014, Daniel Kieffer passed away at the Grey Nuns Hospital at the age of 50 years. Daniel will be forever remembered by his family, wife, Stephanie, of 25 years; two daughters, Megan Cassandra Anne...
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    I presently work part time for security for a major mining corporation at a port where another large government corporation operates that require large vessels to ship in their product. We provide security when 'the ships are in'. We provide security for our ships, the government agency has a...
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    VAC Claim help please. PTSD+Compartment Syndrome+Cubital tunnel syndrome=3b

    Just after I got out of the reserves (4 years reserves; previously retired 24+plus regs as an infanteer, then medic), I was diagnosed with mild to moderate carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands and  moderate cubital tunnel syndrome both hands.Keep procrastinating & haven't put in a claim yet...
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    Anyone going to Esquimalt for Bmoq in april?

    After I retired from the regs & transferred to the Reserves, I picked up a call-out & taught at Work Point as a sgt doing FED; instructing C7 weapons  training; ranges; battle drills, etc at Work Point spring-summer 09....had a blast!  >:D    ;)  Seriously though, was a good go; would do it...
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    Canadian Troops In Norway For Cold Weather Combat Exercise

    loved Norway; I was with 1RCR in the early to mid 80's before I LOTPed. Been to Norway a couple times; first time in 83 (or could have been 84) as an AVGP grizzly driver and turret gunner; which was 'fun'  careening down a Norgie 'highway': mountain on one side of the road; on the other a flimsy...
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    Québec Election: 7 Apr 14

    ' I agree with you on these two points but to clarify my point on NB potentially splitting I would say it would only be contemplated if Quebec did separate as the Canada as we know it would no longer need to be a bilingual country; therefore, the province of NB would no longer need to be a...
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    Québec Election: 7 Apr 14

    'I was speaking with my parents today and supposedly there is growing movement in Northern, NB (primarily amongst the Acadien population) who would want to separate from Canada and join Quebec should they choose to separate.'....Sorry Royal, but I gotta disagree. Just a little background - I've...
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    Air Force rewriting rules after rescuer's drowning death in icy Arctic waters

    well said JR; Sgt. Janick Gilbert, rest in peace -  :salute: a true Canadian Hero  :salute:
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    Figure 11 Balloon

    I remember we used them in the early to mid 80's when I was infantry, 1 RCR....like I said once; they were pretty much useless... -gerry