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    VAC wait times

    Why does it take so long just to get the forms to fill out.  I called 2 weeks ago to have them sent to me and was told I would get them with in a week.  Didn't happen so I called back and was told there was a back log and to call back in a month if I hadn't received them.  When I was on the...
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    Looking for Dave Hunt

    I'm in search of Dave Hunt who served with my husband on the Assiniboine from 1985 - 1988.  Or possibly went through the Junior Leadership course (Aug-Oct 1986) with him.  I think he was a Cpl and possibly a Firefighter.  If anyone knows him could you please ask him to contact me through this...
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    Looking for Chilliwack real estate agent

    Thank you to both of you for your replies.  The flood plain link is a very helpful resource.  We are aware there are flood plains in Chilliwack and we're also looking for info about areas that may have higher than normal criminal activity.  Somebody once told me to avoid streets within a mile of...
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    Looking for Chilliwack real estate agent

    Thanks for the info.  Just one more question.  Are there any areas in Chilliwack or surroundings where we should avoid buying a house?
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    Looking for Chilliwack real estate agent

    Thanks, I'll check them out.  Do you know if they have any experience working with military?
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    Looking for Chilliwack real estate agent

    Can anyone recommend a real estate agent in Chilliwack?  We're retiring there next summer.