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    Canadian Decoration: C.D. [Merged]

    I’m releasing before I’m being given my CD. I was originally eligible for it in August. I was wondering how I would go about getting it mailed to me? Thanks
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    Working OUTCAN post deployment

    Hey everybody, quick question: 1. How long do I need to wait post deployment before I no longer need to submit a waiver? (5 month tour) 2. Do I need to sign a waiver for TAV's OUTCAN? A short stint in Afghan or other places for example. I'm having a hard time finding answers right now. Cheers
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    No tours unless QL5 qualified?

    Alright then, it must be the CoC here in Ottawa acting out. I know that several MP's were taken off of a tour this summer because they lacked QL5's. This rule was implemented only a few weeks ago by CPO1 Ross at a town hall in Ottawa I was attending. This was supposed to affect ALL pre-QL5 MPs...
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    No tours unless QL5 qualified?

    It was a town hall, and it was being dominated by talk of Close Protection.
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    No tours unless QL5 qualified?

    Has anyone else heard this? I was told the other day by the CM that this is now policy.  That being said, I know of several who are about to go on tour who lack their QL5 qual. Can anyone elaborate more on this?
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    Close Protection Training

    The next CPAC is in November, so apply now if you want a chance at it. I suggest at least Exempt on your express test, it's competitive.
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    Military Police Assessment Centre (MPAC)

    ^^^ You're right! The trade is at 95% capacity right now, so recruiting isn't really a priority. I'd keep up on it though, as we always have a lot of people releasing from the trade. Good luck with the MPAC once you get there. Just be yourself and have some common sense.
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    PT gear for Reserves BMQ

    When I was reserves and did my BMQ, we brought our own PT gear. I suggest simple black shorts without over the top logos on them. Your green undershirt will suffice.
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    A question..

    You'll have to elaborate on that charge more. I can't say whether or not it would stop you from the OT, but it might hurt your chances. It all depends on what happened and how how it was handled.
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    So confused - Academy, and my future

    I'm going to try to be helpful, but I'll have to address you in several different paragraphs: First, you've posted in the Military Police section, and I would think that because your main question revolves around deciding to go to RMC, it belongs in that section only. I say this because there...
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    Joint Task Force 2 (JTF 2) - Canadian Special Forces

    Awesome, thanks Aviator.
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    Joint Task Force 2 (JTF 2) - Canadian Special Forces

    Reviving an old thread: I'm interested in applying to the Hill as a support MP. If anyone has any insight on the process throw me a PM. I just want some basic information, I'm not looking for details that shouldn't be talked about online. I've got my paperwork filled out, and I'm about to hand...
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    Question about remustering to MP

    I am almost finished the MP QL3. My class is half re-musters from the infantry. The re-muster rate is quite high right now due to the gradual shutdown in Afghanistan. The CF is allowing the combat arms trades the ability to re-muster due to the overcapacity in their respective trades. I...
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    I just got posted to Ottawa!

    Does anyone know who I speak with regarding the HHT? I'm not sure if I should be going through my sponsor, Brookfield or someone else. We aren't allowed to do a HHT until after graduation. My sponsor has answered me once in the last week - not frequent enough.
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    I just got posted to Ottawa!

    I graduate August 31st as an MP. I was wondering what advice any of you guys could provide me to prepare for my new posting. I'm common-law and I'm considering getting a PMQ or apartment. The search thread hasn't yielded anything specific to my account, but if I've missed something, please link...
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    MP Cap badge

    Thanks for all the help guys. I've edited out my ignorance! Appreciate it.
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    MP Cap badge

    This is an issue where I am currently posted at in Borden, while I'm awaiting my MP QL3 in March: There is a staff member that believes that every trade needs to be QL3 qualified in order to wear the trade badge. He spoke to other Junior MP's and myself and said that if we didn't have a badge...
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    Word association (just for fun)

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    Word association (just for fun)