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  1. paracowboy

    My dismay with the treadmill.

    http://forums.army.ca/forums/threads/23364.0.html http://forums.army.ca/forums/threads/22788.0.html http://forums.army.ca/forums/threads/33109.0.html
  2. paracowboy

    CFTPO Job Descriptions

    I don't think that the answers to some of those questions are the sort of thing that should be broadcasted on open means, dude. Your best bet would be to ask your CoC. They'd be better able to let you know what you're already qual'd to fill, and what training you'd need to make up for positions...
  3. paracowboy

    Question on force generation for TF 1-08

    no. I'm sorry. I wish I could offer some help here, but I really don't know anything about it. I was under the impression that all Reserve units in LFWA were sourced at the same time, on equal footing. I didn't think there was a 'lead' Brigade, as such. But, I suggest we wait for morpheus to...
  4. paracowboy

    Hayley Westenra...

    ...has the voice of an angel. Astounding. http://www.hayleywestenra.com/
  5. paracowboy

    Kilo_302 Defends The Soviet Empire[ split from] UN is rotten to the core

    you can come to any sort of conclusion. You could conclude that decisions are made based on rolling sheep's bones. But that don't make it proof, now do it? Fella, you been makin' a real horse's ass out of yourself on any number of threads, and getting your head handed to you in ever' one. Don't...
  6. paracowboy

    NATO: Cdn troops accidentally kill Afghan civilian

    whatever. Death is part of life. It is the inevitable result of Life. You begin to die the very instant you are conceived, and every second of life brings you one second closer to death. Whatever.
  7. paracowboy

    Kilo_302 Defends The Soviet Empire[ split from] UN is rotten to the core

    okay, I'll bite. Just how many governments have you been a part of? And how many decisions were you involved with, as part of those governments?
  8. paracowboy

    Pakistan 'out to enslave Afghans' (BBC News)

    nuthin' new there. The Punjabi have been trying to control and manipulate the Pathans for millenia. Karzai's just making it clear to everyone.
  9. paracowboy

    NATO: Cdn troops accidentally kill Afghan civilian

    'nuff said. And that only serves to illustrate GO!!!'s point. If the Afghan security pers had been professional enough, they would have realized that the ISAF kaffirs wouldn't know this guy from Adam, and would have info'd the ISAF pers, or escorted the "member of a religious consultative body...
  10. paracowboy

    G&M: CBC's military obsession just feels creepy

    to Mr Doyle, on behalf of Canadian Infantrymen everywhere: You're welcome. Think nothing of it. It's a privilige.
  11. paracowboy

    Question on force generation for TF 1-08

    since I'm the guy in 3VP who looks at CFTPO, I'm gonna tell ya that we have NO FRIGGIN' IDEA who's coming to us, since what's on CFTPO doesn't begin to reflect reality yet. There are far too many names, there are names in positions where Augmentees will not be, etc, etc. Basically, CFTPO is...
  12. paracowboy


    stop running in boots.
  13. paracowboy

    when will the PPCLI be going to Afghanistan?

    because it's another opportunity to explain the importance of Security. Something that the CF is abominable at. If I just delete the thread, the same thing will appear elsewhere. Hopefully, by pointing out the error, at least one person will catch on. Me, if I were on the other side, I'd be...
  14. paracowboy

    when will the PPCLI be going to Afghanistan?

    a better question would be: when did we leave? Patricia's have been there on most Rotos, in some number. You ain't goin' anywhere, anytime soon, so stop worrying about it. Everyone else: maybe it's not a great idea to tell everyone in the world when they can expect to see certain groups of...
  15. paracowboy

    American militarized groups

    all right, then. We have a cadet straying well outside of his lanes, and it's silly. No, no this is silly.  No, the whole premise is silly and it's very badly written. I'm the senior officer here and I haven't had a funny line yet. So I'm stopping it.  The thread is over. 
  16. paracowboy

    American militarized groups

    so is he. Americans are not inherently evil. Guns are not inherently evil. Who do so many Canadians get their panties twisted up with private citizens owning firearms? And if it's a Yank? Oh lawsy lawsy!  ::)
  17. paracowboy

    "weight-less" training.. advice needed.

    all you need to do in order to prepare for Basic are: push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and run. If you have a backpack, then you can include weight-load marching. I have mentioned this SEVERAL TIMES on these boards, in SEVERAL THREADS, in SEVERAL FORUMS. It has been validated SEVERAL TIMES on these...
  18. paracowboy

    Army Courses List

    with some caveats, yes. For instance, although Patrol Pathfinder and CQCI are 'common', and therefore open to most trades, you don't see many Finance Clerks or Cooks on them. No requirement, so why would a unit pay to send them?
  19. paracowboy

    Babblings of an Idiot- 'Skid' RoperAB's Demise

    no need for anyone to add to it. Just read and heed, folks. It'll go away soon, but some of you can use the reading to get an idea of what your Mods deal with on a DAILY BASIS.
  20. paracowboy

    Babblings of an Idiot- 'Skid' RoperAB's Demise

    Roper, We are not Nazis or Soviets. We don't raze and conquer. Leaving Afghanistan as it was led to the export of Terror to North American shores. Follow that logic to its' inevitable conclusion, and you will readily pick out the fallacies of your "foreign policy a la Attila the Hun". That is...