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  1. Jaydub

    Navy Bike Ride

    I spent a few months on course in Ottawa late last year. I really wish I could be there for this.
  2. Jaydub

    Welcome New Army.ca Staff

    I know a couple people who are in the process of transitioning to RCMP. Ideally, I would like to join the Guelph Police Service, and perhaps rejoin my former Reserve Artillery Regiment.
  3. Jaydub

    Welcome New Army.ca Staff

    Good morning, all. I've been a member here for a little over ten years.  Though I've only been an occasional poster as of late, I've lurked almost every day.  I've always been in awe of the wealth of experience and information here, as well as the sense of community.  I would like to give back...
  4. Jaydub

    Put on Goon!!!

    I put Slap Shot on in the Mess the other night. I reminded everyone there that Slap Shot is the original "Goon", and a much better movie.
  5. Jaydub

    Put on Goon!!!

    When did Goon become such a popular movie on ships?  Every time someone is trying to watch a movie, someone will invariably shout "This sucks!  Put on Goon!!!" People in my mess are starting to make copies of the Goon video file under different file names. You click another movie file and...
  6. Jaydub

    Esquimalt landmark "The Tudor House" destroyed by fire - 16 July 2013

    I have many fond memories of the Tudor House from my Fleet School days. Unfortunately, I stopped going for lunch some years back due to poor food quality/service.  I found recently, however, that it had really turned around.  The food and service was great for the last year or so. I honestly...
  7. Jaydub

    2013: B.C. Bomb plot foiled on Canada Day

    I was at the Legislature yesterday for the Canada Day festivities. Great work by the RCMP.  Very unsettling.
  8. Jaydub

    John Gilbert "Jack" Layton, PC, MP (July 18, 1950 – August 22, 2011)

    As much as a dislike Jack Layton's politics, I've always had a grudging respect for him.  At least you know where he stands. Here's wishing him a speedy recovery.  :salute:
  9. Jaydub

    HMCS Algonquin

    As a SAC, I couldn't agree more!
  10. Jaydub

    HMCS Algonquin

    I'm on the Algonquin.  I'm fairly new onboard.  The first thing I noticed was how tight the crew is.  There's a lot of good people.  Although I would have preferred to stay on a Frigate, the crew has made the posting enjoyable. The CO is awesome.  He was my XO on HMCS Winnipeg. When do you...
  11. Jaydub

    Cooks ( merged )

    Are you thinking Regular or Reserve? If you want to be a Chef, joining as a Cook would be a good option because of the practical hands-on training you would receive.  I've also been told, by a CF Cook, that your experience in the Forces would count towards your Red Seal Certification.  Perhaps...
  12. Jaydub

    Your Beer Brand of Choice

    Race Rocks Amber Ale. Best beer known to man.
  13. Jaydub

    HBO's Game of Thrones

    He recently finished the 5th book.  "A Dance with Dragons" is scheduled to be released July 12th. http://www.amazon.com/Dance-Dragons-Song-Fire-Book/dp/0553801473
  14. Jaydub

    HBO's Game of Thrones

    These are my favorite series of books ever written.  I'm generally not a big fan of Fantasy.  It all seems to be written the same way to me. However, I'm not sure that these books can be pigeon-holed into the Fantasy genre.  There's something in it for everyone. The show is outstanding.  The...
  15. Jaydub

    HMCS Corner Brook training in Charlottetown Harbour

    That really sucks.  I have a couple friends on that Sub.  It's a good thing no one lost their lives. I wonder if they'll be able to finish the remainder of the exercise.
  16. Jaydub

    HMCS Charlottetown

    I usually try to take it easy on those "decompression" Port Visits.  I find out where most of the crew is going to be staying/drinking, and I go the other way.  Some accuse me of being anti-social when I go into Foreign Ports, because I like to do my own thing.  That's what helps me decompress...
  17. Jaydub

    HMCS Charlottetown

    It does suck, but it does a bit of good in a way. Let's be honest with each other here. People are going to drink more than two a day in Port.  That is a given.    However, if it were a free for all, people would get loaded.  There would be fights and people would end up in foreign jails. ...
  18. Jaydub

    Element/Trade Change

    Most do.  That's cool, though.  I've been up in Aircrafts and seen what they do. Plus, I've never met an AES Op that doesn't love their trade.
  19. Jaydub

    Element/Trade Change

    Have you thrown in with CDN Aviator's lot, and become an AES Op?
  20. Jaydub

    Reg force volunteering

    I guess I could always teach a class or something. I'm really into sailing.  Maybe this will give me an excuse to get certified as an instructor.