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  1. medicineman

    Officers' bunks and their lack of curtains.

    In 29 Palms and Camp Pendleton, when confronted with this, I always had a newspaper or large magazine as my privacy walls.
  2. medicineman

    British Military Current Events

    Saw something on Twitter where an eBay auction was set up for them...so maybe.
  3. medicineman

    job with the CAF ?

    What Mike said...
  4. medicineman

    Victoria is facing a public-safety crisis

    Cars's Driving...Cars's Driving...Car STOPS=> Crazy person on windscreen!!! IA - Immediately engage accelerator to gain momentum, slam on brake until they fly off; Immediately re-engage accelerator until THUMP THUMP heard and continue to safety; call 911.
  5. medicineman

    NYC subway passenger dies after another puts him in a headlock

    Having just gone through a homicide trial as a juror of what was being touted as a defence of person case that still resulted in a verdict of 2nd degree murder, from what I've seen/heard thus far, they're going to have make a compelling case for keeping a choke hold on someone beyond the point...
  6. medicineman

    Canada needs a climate-emergency response team

    I seem to recall a lot of our office furniture in CFB Kingston was CorCan...turned out in Collins Bay and Joyceville IIRC. I had a pretty decent desk for awhile courtesy of them.
  7. medicineman

    Accidents involving Emergency Vehicles

    MB is about 300-350 with a mileage rate as well - uncool if you're in a rural community and nearest hospital in 30km or more away. At least if we have to transfer you to another facility (higher level of care or specialty not available), the province picks up the tab. I have ambulance on my...
  8. medicineman

    Sudan 2023 Thread- Discussion on Our Evacuation Capabilities

    Or a decent sized task force commanded from a floating platform or two perhaps...
  9. medicineman

    Sudan 2023 Thread- Discussion on Our Evacuation Capabilities

    And eventually a short lived advanced surgical centre.
  10. medicineman

    Sudan 2023 Thread- Discussion on Our Evacuation Capabilities

    OP HALO had a LAV coy, an NSE and what seemed to be an entire J-Staff...
  11. medicineman

    Sudan 2023 Thread- Discussion on Our Evacuation Capabilities

    I wonder how many of those 250 will be actual shooters and not part of an oversized HQ...
  12. medicineman

    How to Deal with Bullies at Work

    Given hand guns are now verboten, gonna have to be Nerf guns, swords or pugil sticks...
  13. medicineman

    Haitian leaders must all agree before Canada would lead a potential military intervention, Trudeau says

    If you want a cup of tea, you have to ask for "hot tea"...as I found on an American Airlines flight back from Haiti actually routed through Miami. The flight attendant looked at me like I was a four headed alien come to think of it.
  14. medicineman

    Jonny Kim: SEAL, physician, NASA astronaut, and now qualified Naval Aviator

    Lol, given Jason Everman from Nirvana became a Green Beret, sure why not, just doing the reverse...
  15. medicineman

    Accidents involving Emergency Vehicles

    Weird anecdote...just be fore I left Gagetown, I was in Fredericton and driving back home from my gf to do my final clean out of my house. We were taking a long time getting though a light...finall get to the intersection and see someone having a nap in the crosswalk...with a car nearby with a...
  16. medicineman

    Accidents involving Emergency Vehicles

    That is true, but not on the way there or back...
  17. medicineman

    Accidents involving Emergency Vehicles

    But he wasn't assassinated by vehicle interdiction ;)