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  1. Northalbertan

    A Canadian Rangers reset would help Armed Forces keep pace with a changing North

    Apologize for the necro post. C Company LER is in Yellowknife.
  2. Northalbertan

    Can CIC Officers take Army Reserve courses?

    The CIC course is called Cold Weather Leader. Nothing tactical in it but it does teach how to survive and work in a cold weather environment. Toboggans, arctic tents, improvised shelters. I've been DS on the course several times. The CIC officers can work in very cold Temps, it hit -40 to...
  3. Northalbertan

    Pay and Benefits as CIC

    CIC have a maximum of 25 days per year unless your the CO, they get 35 days per year.  Any courses you take or some RDAs would be in addition to your 25 days.
  4. Northalbertan

    Soldier dating air cadet, legal?

    I would stay away when she's actually participating in a cadet activity. There are items in CATOs that would proscribe contact during an activity.  I have found nothing that would stipulate you can't see her other than that. NorthAlbertan
  5. Northalbertan

    An Arctic Army without Arctic Boots, only in Canada (From: Brown Boots)

    If you are located in Wainwright my cadet corps up in Vermilion has mukluks.  We can do a temporary loan with the battle school I'm sure. Northalbertan
  6. Northalbertan

    An Arctic Army without Arctic Boots, only in Canada (From: Brown Boots)

    My cadet corps has been buying surplus gear for years (Crown auction site).  I have plenty of mukluks.  I'm 60km north of Wainwright, give me a shout if we can help out.  Only half kidding, if they really can't get the mukluks do get ahold of me. Northalbertan
  7. Northalbertan

    Renewal, reinvestment in Cadet, Junior Canadian Rangers (JCR) programs

    I am currently the CO of a small rural corps in Alberta.  I am fortunate to hav. A COATS Sgt on my slate.  Not only does he bring his 20+ years of experience with the CF (RCR) to our corps the Region's RCIS has been smart enough to utilize his skills as well. For the first 4 years of my tenure...
  8. Northalbertan

    Retire from CAF and entering Fed PS [Merged]

    I am a little disallusioned with the helments to hardhats scheme.  I actually contacted them on behalf of a couple of large companies here in the Alberta Oilpatch.  They didn't seem to be interested unless the jobs were union jobs.  Got news for you, unless you are building large facilities and...
  9. Northalbertan

    Fitness for Operational Requirements of CAF Employment ( FORCE )

    Even the CIC are completing the FORCE fit.  We have the PSP folks coming out to all of the courses in our region to administer the tests.  The expectation in our world right now is that everyone will have to complete the test by 1 April 14.  Not sure if they have to pass yet, or what happens if...
  10. Northalbertan

    SIC Scale of Issue/Entitlements (merged)

    Yes they are getting some of the ICUs.  They wear what they are issued, same as everyone else.  They are a member of the SAME military you are, different trade, different component, but same military.  You serve in your way, we serve in ours.  If the CAF did not want CIC as part of the military...
  11. Northalbertan

    SIC Scale of Issue/Entitlements (merged)

    In NW it's available on cadetnet, as I believe it is for all regions in the country.  The latest scale is there.  Not hard to find with a minimal amount of effort.  I just had a new member who went down to Wainwright for their initial issue.  There was a little confusion at first, the tech...
  12. Northalbertan

    Reg F or PRes members working with / speaking at cadet units

    I am fortunate enough to have a COATS NCM on my slate.  Not only does he bring 23 years of CF experience to the corps, the kids love him.  He is an excellent instructor and makes an invaluable contribution to the corps.  Our affiliated unit is the Loyal Eddies (4 PPCLI) so it is kind of amusing...
  13. Northalbertan

    Am I too old, fat, or fit in? 2001 to 2016

    I too am working in the "patch", in rural Alberta, I don't know where you reside.  I also felt the need to contribute a few years ago.  I looked for a primary reserve unit near me but the closest was Edmonton or Saskatoon, a 2 1/2 hour drive either way made this impracticle.  The route I took...
  14. Northalbertan

    Walts, posers & wannabes (merged)

    Wow!! Is this guy ever an A*# Clown.  The worst poser I have ever seen. 
  15. Northalbertan

    Tim Hortons in Theatre Merged Thread (in AFG, no plans to preposition)

    I know out here in Alberta most guys I know would happily chip in to make sure the troops get their Timmies when deployed. North Albertan
  16. Northalbertan

    Rotation Bars for SWASM

    Are those two twits in jail yet?
  17. Northalbertan

    Wearing an Ancestor's Medals Mega-thread

    My wife has her Uncles medals, he fell in Normandy.  We have them in a shadow box along with a photo.  We display them on a wall in my study.  I believe this honors his sacrifice.  I too am one who believes that only the individual who earned them should wear them.  If you choose to bring them...
  18. Northalbertan

    OUP and QDJM Ribbon

    Try joedrouin.com
  19. Northalbertan

    Scary black guns for legal sale.

    We have 2 or 3 up in Lloyd.    ;D
  20. Northalbertan

    Surrey: Canadian military says no to 'Sikh cadet corps'

    I believe it boils down to this.  The MOU clearly defines the roles that the various Leagues, Sponsoring Committees, and the CF are responsible for within the CCO.  I can say for certain that religious teachings are NOT part of what we do.  The CF does make available culturally specific items...