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  1. little jim

    Friendly Advice for potential Infantry Officer candidates

    Interesting. Many moons ago when I was staff on Ph III Infantry any candidate that failed could transfer to the artillery or to the engineers (provided they had an engineering degree for the later) as an officer. Things have probably changed but someone from the Inf Sch should be able to chime...
  2. little jim

    New Zealand Army going from digital to Multi-cam and low shoes in garrison

    Looks like the new kiwi uniforms somewhat resemble the brits, given they went digital just recently this is interesting for the CAF. http://army.mil.nz/downloads/pdf/army-news/armynews503.pdf Of interest in the paper (their version of the Maple Leaf) is they recently went to a 5.11 low, black...
  3. little jim

    VAdm Norman - Supply Ship contract: Legal fight

    Unfortunately in the military this doesn't seem to be the case to a person's reputation and career - reference LCol Stalker.
  4. little jim

    Op IMPACT: CAF in the Iraq & Syria crisis

    I would be curious if this will impact the CoS position currently filled by a Canadian BG. Will also like to see what the reaction is to the impact on the number of support positions once the fighters leave. In a completely non-cynical way I am guessing it is non-porportional. Will CANSOF be...
  5. little jim

    Canada's New Defence Minister

    Some people just don't learn. Found the comment below on the CBC site entitled the MND is a bada&& and why not to fear the Islamic State. (I am posting this not to start yet another reg/res thread but rather just to info there are idiots out there). I have no clue how to link the comments...
  6. little jim

    Divining the right role, capabilities, structure, and Regimental System for Canada's Army Reserves

    I don't think we would ever have that worry. From having watched this thread over the past couple of years I sense a prevailing mood of cutting the amount of HQ. In particular reserve HQ down to the bn/rest level. This is a bit of a tangent but if we cut all these HQ we would no doubt realize...
  7. little jim

    Sexual Assault & Sexual Misconduct in the CF

    Thinking of the time required to lay charges this has to be something that was in the works for awhile. Especially if the timeline as reported by the media is 1998-2007. I would note that the charges today are primarily sexual assault in nature; a whole different ball of wax from sexual...
  8. little jim

    Sexual Assault & Sexual Misconduct in the CF

    Given the above, and in light of the CDS' current stance on this topic it will be interesting to see how the chain of command re-acts. Thinking in terms of does he stay CO, which might be construed as guilt however there might be sufficient loss of confidence in his abilities as CO. Does the DCO...
  9. little jim

    Posting Policy-Out of Canada (OUTCAN) [MERGED]

    An interesting note is that my wife's car needed repairs and had them done at the Volvo dealership.  I tried to pay with my Canadian Aeroplan VISA.  The guy swiped the card and the reader gave the message to "insert chip card."  Problem was that being in the Southern USA there was no chip reader...
  10. little jim

    Posting Policy-Out of Canada (OUTCAN) [MERGED]

    I set up to pay my rent from my Wells Fargo account.  When you paid the bill online it gave you a date, usually five business days, that it would be paid. In talking with the land lord the bank was physically cutting and mailing a cheque to her.
  11. little jim

    Posting Policy-Out of Canada (OUTCAN) [MERGED]

    Similar incident for me at the boarder.  They allowed us to leave our large dog (part rotti/part sheppard/part dane) in the car.  Said they would get one of their K-9 guys to search the vehicle.  When we came out the guy was playing with our dog on a grassy strip.  Having a great time. Helps if...
  12. little jim

    Posting Policy-Out of Canada (OUTCAN) [MERGED]

    Your post triggered something in my memory with respect to liens. I was originally going to import my vehicle to the states but there was something about it being financed out of the country (Canada).  To be registered with a lien the lien had to be from a US Coy.  I don’t recall if that was a...
  13. little jim

    Posting Policy-Out of Canada (OUTCAN) [MERGED]

    VISAS.  Funny it was easier for my wife to get work in the Southern USA than in Brandon. Do your VISA paperwork early and make sure you make copies; it was all online and I ended up having to do the application personally.  For various reasons my move to the Southern USA involved driving from...
  14. little jim

    Posting Policy-Out of Canada (OUTCAN) [MERGED]

    I had no issues importing my truck, but it was greater than 25 years old.... The 2007 Volvo we drove down was another issue.  Bringing it into the USA was relatively easy with the boarder guys happy with form HS-7 box 12 which is the 'I am a member of a foreign military posted to the USA and...
  15. little jim

    Charges in Joshua Caleb Baker 2010 death

    Sorry to get back onto the actual issue of Maj Watts again. First - FJAG – that you for the informative post. My concerns here are as follows: Got it – Maj Watts wasn’t trained on the C19 and given the lack of resources/training aids in theatre cannot be held responsible for a weapon system...
  16. little jim

    Divining the right role, capabilities, structure, and Regimental System for Canada's Army Reserves

    Nice - don't forget that the Brig and the Col's all would have an RSM in the outer office telling what a good idea it was and half of the Capt's would be CFRs working their retirement. Yeap, my post adds nothing to the thread. In my opinion we would be better off looking at the government...
  17. little jim

    Divining the right role, capabilities, structure, and Regimental System for Canada's Army Reserves

    Legislation - I agree with KevB here but would be curious if people were tracking the other side of this coin.  The various regulations like the point system and contracts that are signed by members of the National Guard.  Yes the government could enact legislation to protect members of the...
  18. little jim

    US Army to partner Regular and NG units

    Funny this is just making the news now, considering the SECARMY signed off on the order back in Sept 2012. While this does mean that AC elements can now be funded for participation in RC training events it also places some onus on the AC to be more active when it comes to supporting RC training...
  19. little jim

    "Re-Royalization", "Re-Britification" and the Heritage Transformation

    Would appreciate if someone could pm me the details.  For those of us who have no access to DWAN....
  20. little jim

    Op ADDENDUM & Afghan danger pay revisited 2014

    Right after the story ran the Hardship and Risk Committee sat a special sessions (my wording) to address their hardship and risk. The business rules are that you can only submit an application for H/R for a new mission during the last 60 days of the deployment.