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  1. cobbler

    The 5 Eyes - An alternative to NATO? A Match for China

    Just have to put my 2 Aust Cents here: All those countries operate together. But none of the others you group together. Because they are all different nations, with different militaries, governed by different governments, with some markedly different diplomatic approaches. Just as all the...
  2. cobbler


    I gotta say though nothing is stopping the Quartermaster on the bridge from having a bit of initiative and picking up the phone, calling the galley and informing them when they see an OOWMANs or similar type serial beginning. Wheras there is something stopping the OOW from doing it, the...
  3. cobbler

    Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ship AOPS

    The destroyers are being built entirely in Australia. Its the LHDs that are being built in Spain and fitted out in Australia. Due to the fact that no Australian shipyard has the capability to build 28,000 ton flat tops.
  4. cobbler

    Navy guys want the converged CADPAT raingear (From: Naval Officers to Wear the Executive Curl)

    Really closing your eyes as to the nature of shipboard work there.
  5. cobbler

    AOR Replacement & the Joint Support Ship (Merged Threads)

    I'd argue that it brings some very limited capabilities to the table that you would be foolish to take at face value.
  6. cobbler

    Wrist Watch Recommendations - Merged Thread

    Any water resistant watch will do. Ive got a great Citizen eco-drive watch I wear ashore, but when we go to sea I put it away and put on an ugly cheap ditigal watch resembling something out of a gumball machine. Don't know about your Navy but over here it is a standing order for every sailor...
  7. cobbler

    Naval Officers Once Again to Wear the Executive Curl

    I'd say. The RAN Sea Readiness Badges are also represented by four tiers Tier 1 = 0-3 years at sea Tier 2 = 3-6 years at sea Tier 3 = 6-12 years at sea Tier 4= >12 years at sea "at sea" for the purposes of the badge is taken to mean time posted to a ship, including time alongside, in dry dock...
  8. cobbler

    Naval Officers Once Again to Wear the Executive Curl

    They should, but that can and should come from professional knowledge. In the ADF the three services have different ranks and different rank insignia, but if I come across an Army guy I am expected to be able to identify his rank, if not I would be a fairly poor excuse for an officer. You...
  9. cobbler

    Australian Uniforms Now Made in China - Defence cost cutting.....

    I'm pretty sure this was canned due to the outrage it caused.
  10. cobbler

    Trying to find the TV Show...

    DVD can be purchased here http://www.longtailnet.com/1296/warships-two-disc-set
  11. cobbler

    New RAN AUSCAM DPNU Uniform Unveiled

    Its not reguarly worn. In fact I've most often seen it worn by guys with a fishing line over the side of a Patrol Boat on a Sunday sea. But as bad as it looks, if you are FX party closed up on the upper decks all day in the tropics transitting through the Great Barrier Reef, you'd rather wear...
  12. cobbler

    New RAN AUSCAM DPNU Uniform Unveiled

    3 reasons. Common Australian design pattern with the Army and RAAF. Makes working rig look more professional, because it does not look shocking if it isn't ironed or pressed and more importantly smears of paint, grease, chinagraph etc are not noticed. and for boarding ops or force protection...
  13. cobbler

    New RAN AUSCAM DPNU Uniform Unveiled

    Pics dont really do it justice. It is a great rig, class above all it replaces. Though it says just unveiled, its been a while coming, i was first issued them in a trial over a year ago. And all those who moaned before they got it were pleasantly surprised.
  14. cobbler

    2 articles highlight struggle: AUS politicians/treasury vs. ADF equipment needs

    Interesting, I'd argue that everybody in a blue suit has the exact opposite opinion/experience to yours.  and i do mean everybody. Raped is a term im hearing quite often in relation to those issues, and im talking of all levels of the raise/train/sustain cycle.
  15. cobbler

    2 articles highlight struggle: AUS politicians/treasury vs. ADF equipment needs

    Plenty of worthless krudd in this little media storm. But cant blame the media for it im afraid, an out-of-his-depth Defence minister is wholly responsible. And just because the government is so incredibly and unreasonably risk averse, doesn't mean we aren't ready and capable of fighting a high...
  16. cobbler

    AOR Replacement & the Joint Support Ship (Merged Threads)

    I wouldn't think so. An ice capable ship is not really going to fair well amongst mines, due to having large magnetic & acoustic signitures etc that would set off influenced mines. Also the hull materials and design between icebreakers and first world MCMs are pretty much polar opposites of...
  17. cobbler

    The RAN's SEA100 new submarine program

    Am I the only one who thinks this smacks of basic lack of understanding. "Better" They are two very different types of units and cannot really be compared vs each other. Sure subs can definatly make a skimmers life hell and are great at sea denial. But without highly capable surface warships...
  18. cobbler

    MARS being renamed?

    Its been changed over about the last 5 years here in Australia from Seaman Officer to Junior Warfare Officer.
  19. cobbler

    MARS Officers at Sea

    Outside of watchkeeping hours time is consumed by a variety of things such as divisional duties (looking after the welfare of a group of sailors), planning for upcoming ocean passages or visual/blind harbour pilotages, ancillary duties (anything from Unit Security Officer to Sports Officer), and...
  20. cobbler

    Australian KIA Afghanistan 27 Nov 08

    shared iaw the usual http://www.news.com.au/story/0,27574,24720195-29277,00.html RIP