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  1. PO2FinClk

    Component Transfer ( CT ) - Reserve to Regular

    Look up CMP Instr 03/08 for your answers. DIN: http://hr.ottawa-hull.mil.ca/mpi-ipm/03-08-eng.asp
  2. PO2FinClk

    Promotions in the CAF [Merged]

    Yes I have seen personnel on Retention who got promoted, bottom line is you have to do your homework and fully substantiate your eligibility and ability to perform duties. Here are some key references and points to get you started: CFP 154 Annex D - MOC Task Statements CFP 154 Annex E -...
  3. PO2FinClk

    Posting Policy-Restricted (IR) & Prohibited moves [MERGED]

    All very good, but reading the actual reference would saved some time. A-PM-245 Chap 7 Annex A Appendix 4 DIN: http://hr.dwan.dnd.ca/DHRIM/mhrrp/ch07/engraph/CH07A04_e.asp Bottom line, and as per CFIRP Policy: "The first day of TNL is normally the Change of Strength (COS) date unless there is...
  4. PO2FinClk

    Merged Child Custody in CF thread (joint custody, etc.)

    Push come to shove, some of these could be used to elicit consideration. CFIRP 2009 Policy: http://www.cmp-cpm.forces.gc.ca/dgcb-dgras/pd/rel-rei/aps-paa-2009/chapter-chapitre-01-eng.asp Using the local CF Coord to obtain clarifications from, or through, IRP is available and sometimes the best...
  5. PO2FinClk

    What are TRSA Benefits

    Temporary Relocation is intended to be the new "Imposed Restriction". Incidentally, are you there on a QL3 or a QL5? If QL3 is the move a CFIRP one or not? Depending on your answers I may some information for you.
  6. PO2FinClk

    Promotion/Pay regulations after MOC Reassignment

    CBI 204.2156 until Sep 08, then 204.211 effective Sep 08. Pay Increments CBI 204.015 and Rate of Pay CBI 204.04. Individual situations cannot be accurately deciphered through internet forums due to the fact that we do not have access to your ETP Instr or any other message on yourself which...
  7. PO2FinClk


    COTP message just came out recently IIRC
  8. PO2FinClk


    Try Google as I did for you: http://www.army.gc.ca/1asg_hq/BPSO1/COTP.htm Oddly enough it was the very first hit!
  9. PO2FinClk

    Pay: Statements, Backpay, Benefits, Deductions (Taxes, T4), Deployed ect... [MERGED]

    Hence why I added the caveat that the PDP had to be amended. To add to yours, and not all supervisors will ensure their staff are well aware of this requirement.
  10. PO2FinClk

    Strange Deduction....

    They certainly do ... once all other avenues havebeen exhausted. Submitting a grievance at this stage would only result in but a few scenarios. Yes you may get the answer you are seeking, and will also suffer the wrath of CoC for the misuse of CF ressources. Or it will simply be thrown out and...
  11. PO2FinClk

    Pay: Statements, Backpay, Benefits, Deductions (Taxes, T4), Deployed ect... [MERGED]

    Close but not completely accurate, the tax exemption is credited at the same time as the Risk Allow is activated. Therefore it will be added on the next pay which could be in the same month. And the pre-determined pay has to be edited to include the additional tax monies or it won't be added.
  12. PO2FinClk

    Strange Deduction....

    Thats like putting the cart long before the horses.
  13. PO2FinClk

    Strange Deduction....

    Either a recovery or you were given an advance on your pay?
  14. PO2FinClk

    RANK and IPC on CFR

    I cannot agree more, and pretty much any clerk out there would have to agree with you. The entire idea of phasing out CFAO's for DAOD's was announced over 10 years ago and yet here we are now. The volume of reference material on a myriad of subjects makes it difficult to find, if its even made...
  15. PO2FinClk

    RANK and IPC on CFR

    Haven't you heard, CFAO's are being phased in favour of DAOD's and new FAM's? They have not conducted proper CFAO amendments for years, some even over 20 years so doubt very much they would amend this either. Just wait for direction that CDA should be releasing once all the T's are crossed. And...
  16. PO2FinClk

    RANK and IPC on CFR

    That CFAO is severely out of date, and other threads in this forum detail this subject matter. Search for SLC/ILQ, CFR and/or PLAR. Also the subject of IPC and determination of pay is covered at length in this very forum and CF publications. Just use the search function. In short the SLC clause...
  17. PO2FinClk

    PLD in Comox

    A quick look at CBI's would of answered that question, plus this should be in the admin forum.
  18. PO2FinClk

    OT from infantry before IE expires

    Sign your IE25, complete your VIE and apply under LOTP as soon as you qualify for time.
  19. PO2FinClk

    EMMA Thread [Merged]

    Great, so now will it also auto-populate information within HRMS so that MPRR's are also updated?
  20. PO2FinClk

    EMMA Thread [Merged]

    Then the question is where does CMIS get its information? My guess would be via HRMS upload and not EMAA thus putting in question the value added of having this in EMAA if it will not update HRMS via upload. In either case I am sure this has been considered and once I am back at work and have a...