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  1. patrick666

    The last Hitler's treasure

    Another one of Hitler's great strategies... destroy vehicles and equipment out of spite but still fight on! A very magnificent find, though. A little late for the Kriegsmarine boys... 
  2. patrick666

    Worlds most dangerous door stop!!!

    It could be the worst most dangerous "pensioner". Maybe she's been secretly using her home as a weapon cache for the germans SINCE 1914... and maybe she.. still.. is...  :o
  3. patrick666

    webbing or tactical vest

    It really depends where you end up for your BMQ course. If, by luck, you end up in Gagetown or Borden you will probably be issued a tacvest. If you should find yourself doing basic in St. Jean, you will be issued the webbing. As far as I know, it's still the same. Ah, webbing.
  4. patrick666

    Any favourite BMQ memories?

    This is not from BMQ but similar circumstances anyway... It was another inspection morning for us on our QL3s... our Mbdr was very hard on us to have clean, clean, clean rifles. It would take nothing more than a milimetre of carbon to be caught in the fury of swearing and yelling. However, this...
  5. patrick666

    Duff Gen - Most entertaining myths about being in the Forces

    The free food I pay 400$ a month for is awesome too.
  6. patrick666

    Any favourite BMQ memories?

    St. Jean still gives the cap badge after your successful completion of the Drill Test as far as I know. Atleast on my course that was the case. Cheers
  7. patrick666

    Recoil by Andy McNab

    I read B20 while in the hospital and I enjoyed it. As said before, it is simple but effective. I didn't read it for a history lesson so the inaccuracies didn't bother me so much. I had no idea he wrote fiction as well and I do like his style of writing so I'll have to start from the bottom of...
  8. patrick666

    Lt.-col hit in rocket attack

    Glad to see they're all okay. :cdn:
  9. patrick666

    Where do you call home?

    Ontario then Alberta then Ontario then Quebec and now New Brunswick hopefully going back to Ontario in the near future.
  10. patrick666


    Because it was the day the Canadian Army showed the world who had the finest, toughest, most dedicated troops! :threat: :cdn:
  11. patrick666

    Any favourite BMQ memories?

    Main gate OP at Farnham in -50 weather at 3am with one of the guys in my section, freezing, drinking coffee and smoking. We still have a good laugh about it, thank god for that coffee becxause it surely saved our lives... It's crazy how well you know the people you go to BMQ with and how...
  12. patrick666

    Any favourite BMQ memories?

    So far, after a day at the firing range during -30 blizzards our staff took us out to some woods on the outskirts of Farnham. They had us put on our white camoflauge, balaclavas and mukluks included, then explained what they wanted us to do. The instructor would stand on the road outside of the...
  13. patrick666

    Second World War Vet Sought After Christmas Present Found on Battlefield

    It is very touching to see the Dutch, still, remember the sacrificies made for them during the war. The Canadians were not lost in vain thanks to depths of their hearts. Great story, thanks for sharing.
  14. patrick666

    New Army.ca Game (HEADLINES)

    I see he picked the short straw. Somewhere out of the frame waits the whole regiments socks and underwear.
  15. patrick666

    From Father to Son, Last Words to Live By

    :'( I wish the best for Jordan and his mother. Sgt. King may no longer be with his family on Earth but he is undoubtedly watching over them vigilantly from the skies. Rest in peace.
  16. patrick666

    Wondering what BASIC TRAINING is like? Watch the video. (BASIC UP)

    Eland's post reminded me of a time when one of the recruits in our platoon addressed rank improperly. One of our Sergeant's had just recently been given the promotion from Master Corporal. However, this guy was recoursed into our platoon after his promotion. We were in the middle of class, he...
  17. patrick666

    God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

    Great story. Thanks for sharing, I'm going to share it as well. I've been away for Christmas and it's not fun at all. The fact that she recognized that and sent out a care package to somebody to brighten their holidays is truly what the holiday spirit is about - helping others.
  18. patrick666

    Back for Christmas..

    Hey guys, it's been a while! Thought I'd return from wence I came and wish everybody a Merry Christmas! I got to sign a big banner for the boys and girls in Afghanistan while at the War Museum, it was awesome. Basic... you can read all the advice and information you want but it really is...