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  1. SarahVM

    Trying to Join army reserve

    I guess you are lucky! You can apply today! :)
  2. SarahVM

    Trying to Join army reserve

    Hi there! Sorry but you have to wait until you're a canadian citizen... a few years ago RP were eligible but not anymore... I'm canadian since february 24th 2022 (I waited almost a year and a half), I sent my application the same day and i'm signing my contract november 10th. It's just a matter...
  3. SarahVM

    Winter BMOQ with Raynaud's syndrome

    Thanks a lot!! Can't wait to begin this life changing opportunity! 😊😊
  4. SarahVM

    Winter BMOQ with Raynaud's syndrome

    Well, thanks a lot for the tip!! 👌 Going to farnham in february will be no joke for sure! 🧦😉
  5. SarahVM

    Winter BMOQ with Raynaud's syndrome

    Hi there! Yup, i told them about this problem at medical. I guess it was no big deal for them As it's an overtraining condition instead of a 'congenital disorder'? Also, i'm signing as Aerospace control officier so i think my fingers will be fine 😊 i just need to crush it at cornwall 🤯 And i...
  6. SarahVM

    Winter BMOQ with Raynaud's syndrome

    Hi everyone! So I'll be at st-jean for my BMOQ between November 21 and March 10. I have a condition called Raynaud's syndrome (also called white fingers) and i'm a little worried about it. It's an overtraining problem (after a few years improving my grip strenght for obstacle course racing I...
  7. SarahVM

    SAR Tech

    If i'm not mistaken (but i'm almost sure about it), you need 3 full years in the army (combat trades) or 4 full years until you can apply to SAR tech... And i heard about a pilot (captain) that transfered to SAR tech but it's far from usual... But honestly, at your age (give me back my 21's...
  8. SarahVM

    BMOQ/BMO 2022 - Regular Force

    Hi there! Someone here doing the french BMOQ starting November 21th at st-Jean? Would be nice to 'meet' some of you before 'the beginning' ;) Cheers, Sarah
  9. SarahVM


    Hi there! 1st post here for me ;) Also, as a portuguese/french/now also canadian, my english is not perfect so dont judge the quality of the text please ;) So, After a careful consideration I have changed my application from Artillery Officer to Air Combat Systems Officer. Being a woman and...
  10. SarahVM

    Officier des systèmes de combat aériens

    Bonjour! 1er post sur le forum pour moi ;) Après une mûre réflexion j'ai changé ma demande d'enrôlement en tant qu'officier d'artillerie pour celle d'officier des systèmes de combats aériens. Le fait d'être une femme et d'avoir un très bon score au TAFC me mènent à croire que si je réussi...